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How To Write Articles

When writing articles for Live! please endeavour to conform to the following rules:
  1. For news, do not write in the first person. Ever. You can write in the first person for comment/rants if you want, but that is a personal choice.
  2. Do not refer to people by their first names. The first time you refer to someone (e.g. to quote them) you should probably give their full name and position e.g. "Sir Richard Sykes, Imperial College's Rector" and then any following time you can simply refer to him/her as "Mr X", "Ms Y", "Sir Richard", etc.
  3. Please remember that you are not allowed to comment on the performance of Union staff in articles (see Staff-student protocol for more information).
  4. Be very careful when writing articles during Union elections that you do not cover a candidate in a way that might advantage or disadvantage him/her in the election relative to any others. Contact the editor ([email protected]) if you have any doubt.
  5. Wherever possible, ask those involved for their side of the story, giving them the right to correct any factual inaccuracies and reply to any allegations. If they do not respond you can say that they were approached but declined to comment.
  6. Whilst Live! is editorially independent from the College and Union, we do adhere, where relevant, to their Equal Opportunities policy: this means freedom from discrimination and hostile or offnsive acts or expression due to race, colour, sex, nationality, ethic origin, marital status, disability, parental status, religious and political belief, socio-economic background, HIV status, trade union membership, sexual orientation, age, degree status, degree subject and degree year.

How To Submit Articles

Articles are submitted via the Live! Admin Pages ( As a reporter, this page will look similar to the image below:

The icons in the main part of the screen allow you to create and modify articles. There are a number of stages to editing articles:

  1. Create an article
  2. Fill in the required details and article text
  3. Submit it for publication
  4. Editor publishes or rejects the article

Create a New Article

Select the New Article icon, which will create a new article and take you to the editor page.

The editor page contains a set of form fields which need to be filled in. Some of these are for categorisation purposes, to link related articles. The others are displayed alongside the article.

  • Title - The title for your article.
  • Abstract - A short summary of the article, to appear on the front page, in search results and on the stoic tv feed in the JCR.
  • Image - Every article must have an image, preferably photo quality. Articles without a photo look dull on the front page and stoic tv screens. Try for free stock photos. Images should be 400 pixels wide.
  • Image Caption - The image caption is displayed below the image on the article page.
  • Author - You may have more than one alias if you wish, select the alias you would like to use here.
  • Type - Select the appropriate type for your article. Types will vary based on who you are, but fall broadly into News, Culture, Opinion and Sport. The Editor may change the type, but please try to categorise it correctly.
  • Report - The main content of the article. This is a text box with special codes.
  • Additional Files - You can upload extra files to the article, for example images or downloads. Special codes in the report allow you to make these available for download, or appear as an image box.
  • Topics - Select the topics your article covers. Ctrl+Click under Windows to select multiple items. If you think you need a different topic, mention it in the Editor Comments box.
  • Comments to the Editor - Any special instructions or notes for the editor, for example that you need a new topic created, or would like to use a new alias with the article.

You can use the &Save and Preview& button to save your changes and view how the article will look. We recommend you save your changes regularly, to make sure the article looks correct and to ensure you aren't logged out.

From the Preview page you may submit an article for publication. You will lose the ability to make changes once you do this. The editor will receive an email and publish the article (possibly with changes), or choose to reject it. You have the opportunity to re-open an article once it is published, for example to make corrections. You have to go through the submission process again to have the changes published.

Useful Software

Grab Google Picasa (use the link below!) to manipulate the images you use for articles.