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Archive - 16 January

RCSU officers and supporters man the office
RCSU Protest Outside Blue Cube
Ashley Brown
Jan 16 2007 13:56
The RCSU moved into a new office at lunchtime - opposite the entrance to the Blue Cube.
Debt: Not a Laughing Matter
UNITE Survey Highlights Growing Student Debt
Nick Simpson
Jan 16 2007 12:20
A new survey by UNITE, the student accomodation provider, highlights increasing student debts and the need for financial advice.
The future for Exhibition Road?
Exhibition Roadworks
James Devine
Jan 16 2005 19:30
The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have appointed Sir Jeremy Dixon and Edward Jones to work on constructing detailed plan for the creation of a ?shared space? for motorists and pedestrians on Exhibition Road.
Will Shrenik's successor be any less sleep deprived?
Mixed Response to Guilds's Sabbatical Appeal
John Collins
Jan 16 2004 14:42
It seems that Shrenik Patel and the rest of the City and Guilds management committee have finally had enough.

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