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?Slow Forming?

Dec 02 2005 12:03
Keith Brown
An art exhibition of the RCA and RA graduates: Claudia Sarnthein, Yukako Shibata, Amy Woolley
Some flat Sky.

This reporter's first impression on entering the gallery was that a shop fitting in progress had been stumbled upon. However, this may be attributed arriving in the gallery to view the exhibition for the first time at the end of the day! This exhibition is not one you can wander past into the practise rooms; it has truly taken over the gallery.

Amy Woolley?s objects are quite dominant, demanding attention. The solid forms contrast well with their additional appendages. Especially interesting is ?Lady Jane?. In this reporter's opinion it looks very much like a decapitated metronome that has grown legs.

In contrast, Claudia Sarnthein?s drawings are certainly introverted. Being all untitled, but actually titled in brackets, is an ingenious touch. The titles in brackets are not evocative but instead, are the traditional simple descriptions. Titles in modern works are often part of the work. In this case they are still part of the work, by making it obvious that the objects are important rather than the concept. Exactly what the objects were remained open. This reporter is quite sure the triptych depicts human form but what do you think?

Another contrast is Yukako Shibata?s work. Unlike the other two artists? her works appear to be almost entirely conceptual. Through form or fluorescent colour, each entity pervades the white space. ?Ocean? and ?Sky?, two blue teardrop shapes, defy convention in the gallery. ?Ocean? is elevated above ?Sky.? Much more interesting to me was ?Cleave.? Not only was the piece divided by the bright green cleft, but also divided by the two different views presented from each side. From the left the white wall is illuminated in the contrasting orange and from the right a harmonious blue is seen. This leaves a lot to think about.

The exhibition is open from Monday ? Sunday from 9am ? 10pm, until 15 December 2005 in the Blyth Gallery on the fifth floor of the Sherfield Building.

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