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Wild Things come to Imperial

Jan 15 2006 18:49
Keith Brown
?Where the Wild Things Are.? An art exhibition of works by Tessa Farmer and Laura Youngson Coll.

To most of us the thought of wild things coming to Imperial is either fantasy or comedy. In the Blyth Gallery, it is art.

The exhibition, ?Where the Wild Things Are,? combines two artists that interpret nature through sculpture. Laura Youngson Coll?s work may leave the biologists perplexed. Once again there is some elements of the specimens that form part of the works that have involved the used of artistic licence. This was also seen in a previous exhibition in the gallery, 'Second Nature'. This however, is not ?Second Nature 2.? It is more about the world than perception of it.

The artwork by Youngson Coll in the exhibition mainly features bird-like skeletons. They appear in three works. ?Crystal World? features crystal landscapes on the skeletons. There are also some birds that are more complete. The ever so slightly disturbing piece, ?Swarm,? is something that must be seen. Look out for the bird that seems to have found a nest. Plants also feature in ?Diorama II? and also in the joint, untitled piece with the second artist, Tessa Farmer.

Tessa Farmer?s work could be used as a graphical definition of fascinating. Sadly there are only two pieces of her work. However, ?The Terror,? is more than enough to keep you occupied. It is a suspended array of mostly insects. In amongst them are some little creatures that this reporter does not remember seeing in 'Life In The Undergrowth'. They are miniature winged human-like insects that almost come alive amongst the comparatively dead insects. Are these fairies good or evil?

If you want to look at some fascinating pieces of art that should be interesting to anyone (unless you have a severe phobia of skeletons and/or dead insects) then get up to the Blyth Gallery soon. The Blyth Gallery is on the fifth floor of the Sherfield Building. The exhibition is open from Monday ? Sunday from 9am ? 10pm, until 28 January 2006.

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