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Arts at Imperial?

Feb 02 2006 16:00
Eugene Chang
A sneak preview of next weeks Arts Festival
The logo!

Imperial College Arts Festival 2006 takes place on 6-10th February with it's organisers aiming to "dispel the myth that our college excels only at science, technology and medicine". With some 20 societies and over 500 performers and artists involved, this year's festival promises to showcase the less academic talents of Imperial's students.

Musical acts this year will include some of the more established societies such as IC Symphony Orchestra, Choir, and Big Band, as well as debutants including Medics' Choir, and recently formed societies such as IC String Ensemble.

Performing arts this year takes on a global flavour, with Dance, Capoeira, Chinese Wushu and STOIC presenting alternative takes from different cultures. There is also an opportunity to participate with a Dance Marathon on Wednesday afternoon accompanied by a free workshop for several of the aforementioned societies.

For those more interested in visual arts, there will be a display from Tuesday to Friday in the Blyth Gallery, level 5 Sherfield, where Leosoc, Photosoc and Origamisoc will be exhibiting. Leosoc have apparently prepared a surprise for anyone who walks through college each day so keep your eyes peeled!

A new feature of this year's festival is the busking, which will take place every lunchtime at the entrance to Tanaka Business School, and the foyer of the Sherfield building. These will include chamber music, magicians, break dancers, mime artists and more. All money raised by the buskers will go towards the chosen charity for this year: C-R-Y or Cardiac Risk in the Young. Every week eight 'apparently' fit and healthy young people die in the UK from undiagnosed heart conditions and CRY aim to support victims and research ways to stop this happening. There will be an informal charity concert on Wednesday evening, where proceeds will go to CRY.

The Festival will commence with an informal Chamber Music Concert, before 'Jazz and Rock Tuesday' and 'Charity Wednesday'. Thursday will see Big Band playing in dBs, and the whole festival will climax on Friday with a Finale Concert in the Great Hall, which will feature some of the highlights of the week and much more.

All events throughout the festival are free, with the exception of the Finale Concert (£3 students, £6 non students) which includes free entry to the Union for the Artsfest Afterparty - with drink promotion prices all night! Tickets will be on sale in Sherfield every lunchtime throughout the week, and from any society in the Finale Concert. Visit the Artsfest website for more details!

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Discussion about “Arts at Imperial?”

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Feb 02 2006 19:43

Man, not the arts again!

You know what, this would be absolutely acceptable as long as they had "Pole Dancing" as an art, until that becomes a part of the Art's Festival, I am not interested.

Feb 02 2006 22:47

What do you mean, ?again?? Its not like there is a lot of art forced upon us here.

Also since you?re so closed minded you wont realise that Pole Dancing has actually been explored in art. May I direct you to the very respectable BBC web page where you can read all about it.

See some events and who knows what you might experience and learn!

Feb 04 2006 02:18

If you'd like to do Pole Dancing, we're always open to new ideas! Or if you know some good pole dancers/belly dancers... that's a performance art I think!

Arts Fest this year has increased it's diversity, so that we are including a variety of new societies and events in the show besides the usual lineup of orchestras, bands and dancing. Take for example capoeira, and several of the busking events taking place - magicians, mime and maybe more!

4. LOOK   
Feb 06 2006 18:53

Concert at 7.30 in MDH for all you people who need something to do this evening!

Feb 07 2006 09:40

I am writing a review for ArtsFest (to replace this preview article at the end of the week) and am looking for a co-author as I am not available for every event this week. If you are going to tonights Jazz and Rock and/or the dance on Wednesday afternoon and are interested, please email me on .

If you don't want to actually write something but are going and are happy just to give me some comments that would also be welcome.

Feb 09 2006 03:02

I was at a bit of the J&R, and most of the dance thing today, but I'll obviously be a bit biased, so do come back to me at the end of the week if nobody's written much.

However, I did spot Kate (the reviewer behind the ICSO concert debate) at the J&R gig though, maybe she could spark off some discussion?

Quite a few photos have been taken so far, which I will attempt to trim down and then send on towards you.

Feb 09 2006 10:52

Thank you Eugene.

8. Kate   
Feb 10 2006 17:24

Watch out Live, I'm going to be helping with the ArtsFest review for the Jazz and Rock night and the Big Band. Unfortunately though, at the moment the review for both consists of "I went down the Union after rehearsals, I had a few pints with some nice people, I listened to some excellent music and (in the case of the big band) I then made a tit of myself trying to make everyone else dance". Anyone object to that?

9. Ben   
Feb 10 2006 17:49

You dancing?

I refuse to believe this, but if it is true I'm very sad I wasn't there.

10. Kate   
Feb 12 2006 15:46

At least I wasn't forced to do so by someone else whilst wearing a stupid dress and silly shoes.

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