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Between eyes and fingertips

May 10 2006 11:10
Keith Brown
An exhibition of paintings by Teresita Dennis, Mindy Lee and Claude Temin-Vergez
Very literally between eyes and fingertips (not actually in the exhibition)

The circle of life: an Elton John song from The Lion King, a Disney film, a philosophy, a subplot to an art exhibition.

As one life fades another one brightens, fuelled by the life that preceded it. It may just be that this reporter is coming to the end of his degree but he was struck by a profound sense of the circular nature of life circumnavigating this exhibition.

Between eyes and fingertips is an exhibition exploring paintings produced as an expression. Through one entry point we are ?Sailing away? with a painting that could naively be thought of as a design point. This exhibition and Claude Temin-Vergez?s work is certainly not that frivolous.

Temin-Vergez?s work appears to be carefully painted. Its precision is amazing. The work is quite difficult to read as it verges on the edge between 2D and 3D. However, her suitable palette is easy to experience. To this reporter it also appears quite reticent. Conversely, this does make her work intriguing.

Imperial?s very own Mindy Lee is not just curating; we have the pleasure of her exhibiting work on this occasion. Her pieces convey universal experiences in a manner that is very individual. We experience the emotions from her work. They are not all pleasant though. The sense of revulsion is conspicuous in ?its not fair,? with its clever use of colour. Lee?s work is accessible to the viewer, reaching out in its complex use of acrylic that extends to and beyond the edge of the canvass.

Teresita Dennis? work is awesome. The large canvases are proportional to the large intricate rich oil images. Her works are a manipulation of detailed patterns reminiscent of chaotic turbulent fluid flow and also have elements that compare to aboriginal art. Dennis?s, ?The wound which opens and closes the eye,? has some interesting red dots.

This is one exhibition that can be appreciated on two levels ? perfect for this time of year where some people have more time available than others. The exhibition is in the Blyth Gallery on the fifth floor of the Sherfield Building. The exhibition is open from Monday ? Sunday from 9am ? 10pm, until 29 May 2006. So why not take a trip ?on the path unwinding??

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Discussion about “Between eyes and fingertips”

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May 10 2006 13:06

blah...blah...blah...blah...chaotic turbulent fluid flow....blah...blah...blah..blah...blah...blah...

May 10 2006 22:52

Such cheekyness will not be tolerated! Ok it will because at least you read some of it. Now if you don't like reading arty farty stuff why not use your eyes for something else and see just how much artistic license I've used by seeing the exhibition yourself. If you do like reading arty farty stuff there's a lot more where that came from. Now I'm back to the more mundane world of chemistry experimentals to write up.

May 11 2006 12:12


why've you taken a picture of your own hand again???

May 11 2006 15:58

Reporters are encouraged to include a picture with their articles. As a general rule it is not allowed to phtograph art at an exhibition. Keith has therfore done the sensible thing which is to include another picture. This is quite common on Live! when no directly relevant picture is available.

5. girly   
May 12 2006 11:52

I suppose a picture is needed because the majority of engineers are men and men are visual creatures... ;-)

May 12 2006 21:48

arty farty, I am getting a bit worried about you. Whilst I cannot confirm whether that is my hand or not (people should always be careful of stalkers) I will let you know why I chose the image. Generally it?s quite awkward to get a photo of works in the exhibition. Especially one's in the Blyth because the curator is only their one day a week and I cannot simply present a piece of work without the artist?s and curator?s permission. If I simply reported on exhibitions after the event this would be ok, as there would be more time. However, I feel this would be less useful than reporting on them as they are happening. As for the hand, I had trouble thinking what to put with this one so I went for something very literal, as the camera is between eyes and fingertips. The images in the exhibition are not as plain at all.

May 13 2006 08:10

good on ya, Picasso. i don't really care. just don't for a second expect me to accept a picture of a hand as art.

May 14 2006 12:14

Well thats good. Just to clear things up for anyone who actually cares the picture is just a picture to illustrate the article.

Jun 06 2006 22:47

love the photo of the hand would have liked to see a picture of your eye.....glad you liked my red dot and thanks for taking the time to look at and think about paintings which in the scheme of things, are not that important but pretend to be when you get stuck making one!! good luck with all your finals

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