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Photography Exhibition comes to Imperial

Oct 20 2004 13:08
Ruth Davies
The Blyth Gallery becomes home to a new photography exhibition.
One of the photos from the exhibition ? Alex Holland 2004

The Blyth Gallery on level 5 of the Sherfield Building is, during October, the venue for an exhibition of photography by two photographers connected with Imperial - Ian Gillett and Alex Holland.

Ian Gillett is the safety director at Imperial College and has for the last four years also been an Accredited Photographer at London Fashion Week. His part of the exhibition is therefore fashion photography, showing various designers? creations being modelled by catwalk models. The exhibition is filled with photographs of famous designers? clothes and famous models and brilliantly captures the exciting and colourful ambience of the fashion show.

Alex Holland graduated in physics from Imperial College this summer and is pursuing his interest in photography, developed while at Imperial, to become a freelance photographer. His part of the exhibition is entitled ?Light, Direction, Reflection? and is a selection of cityscapes and landscapes in London and Yorkshire. All the photographs in the light theme are black and white to emphasise the contrast and depict a source of light. The photographs in the direction and reflection themes are more contemporary, coloured images. Many of his photographs are of locations around Imperial, which this reporter feels take on a far more peaceful and serene feeling in the photographs than would usually be associated with those locations.

This reporter very much enjoyed the photographs in this exhibition and would recommend to anyone with some spare time to go to the Blyth Gallery and take a look themselves. Admission is free and you can be assured you will leave feeling suitably relaxed to take on any afternoon lecture or lab!

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