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Jazz & Rocks Live Music Fest

Jun 02 2005 16:49
Atul Rana
A mini festival of live music hits the union on Friday night on June the 3rd, see what the fuss is all about.
Punters enjoying live Jazzing and Rocking at the union

On Friday the 3rd of June, Jazz & Rock , Imperial?s live music society is putting together one of it?s biggest nights in years at dBs in the union. Live music is becoming increasingly popular at the union and this Friday will see some of the best student bands entertaining you. The night has funk/blues/jazz and rock theme to cover a pretty wide spectrum of awesome and organic live music, so no-one will be disappointed. The bands that will grace the stage for your entertainment will be:

Cielo Azul, a fairly newly formed band comprising of 8 members. The band cleverly mixes funk with some Latin and jazz influences. It is led by Hector ?Chick? Basoalto on keyboards, with some very fine musicians playing with him. Mateo, on guitar, abusing the wah pedal, and Ian, groovin? it on bass, will bring that proper funk vibe. The Latin grooves will come all the way from Columbia, via Nicolas, on the drums, with an added West African flavour courtesy of Cray on percussions! Joel and Ed (from college jazz band What the Funk) will be joining in with some hot sax and flute solos, while Johanna will be on the vocal duties. Be there, and you?ll feel the groove!

Donkeybox have been coined recently as "Imperial's most dangerous band". They have newly reformed this year and have stormed their way through several gigs at the Imperial and LSE unions. Donkeybox delivers a healthy dose of good 'ol fashioned rock ?n? roll to the masses. Their material covers a wide range of styles from hard rock to soothing ballads so there is bound to be something for everyone. They are a band that aren't afraid to have fun on stage either. Anything can and will happen with donkeybox, from the largest mosh pit ever seen in dB's to an invasion of the stage. For those about to rock, we salute you. Turn it up to 11.

Dollface are LSEs biggest band and for good reason too. They consist of three 19 year old guys who met at school in Brighton sharing an obsession with rock music. Starting out by playing well-known covers together at friends' birthday parties, Greg 'Lovejoy' Gordon and Dan 'The Man' Rosehill decided to get serious and so recruited their one-time nemesis James 'Sweetheart' Davids to the fray. The guys have done gigs at their home turn in LSE, and other gigs in the London and Brighton area - including numerous headlining slots at the Concorde 2, Freebutt and King and Queen. They create an interesting blend of melodic hooks and retro rock n'roll, creating a real buzz amongst their peers. Dollface are in for the long haul!

40 Acres perform infectious funk with an inkling of blues and rock that will almost certainly want to make you dance! Within the space of less than a year they have already made a big name for themselves, gigging hard across various London venues and Imperial Union, where they have recently supported the almighty big band. The musical talent of the 6 members is obvious; the funky guitar rhythms and vocals supported by the rock solid and groovy rhythm section is perfectly balanced with the trumpet and sax to add that bit of sweetness to their funk sound. They made it to the semi finals of Rock Idols this year and have now got a large following in college, pretty good going for a band in it?s first year.

Harp totin, Bible bashin, Beavis lookin, camp hair stylin, Rock n Rollin Hoochie Coo .If you haven't yet been introduced with the High Octane blues shenanigans of Thomas Davidson and his team of scoundrels then all we can compare them to is some sort of cross between Aerosmith, Oasis and The Blues Brothers with some camp overtones thrown in. Having won Rock Idols last year, they have played just about every student union in the country as well as headline slots in the Dublin Castle, Hammersmith Palais and a host of other London Venues. This time they are coming to ICU for one night only! Check out their website where you can also listen to some of their tracks. Do it!

Regulars of the London gig scene, Ember Daze provide an awesome slice of melodic hard rock. They are a band in true harmony, somehow managing to combine the beauty of vocal and guitar harmonies with the harshness of an aggressive and tight rock sound. Ember Daze is unique to feature their drummer as lead vocalist who also shares vocal duties with their bassist. Having played at such venues as Sound in Leicester Square and then headlining at the Halfmoon, Ember Daze are a very experienced and professional band. There?s a reason why they were Rock Idols finalists last year and their emotive songs are bound to stay in your head for a while. Check out their sound on for a sneak preview of their melodic rock magic.

Andy Thorpe?s Blues Bitches will be headlining the evening. This band plays exactly the type of grassroots American blues that lead to the birth of rock ?n? roll. The heart of the band is Andy Thorpe, a legend in many famous Imperial bands who also plays Trombone in the Big Band. Andy Thorpe?s Blues Bitches and the Big Band have now become synonymous as they have performed in the union several times and recruit renegades from the Big Band including Jazz & Rock legend Jon Clarke. They will certainly not disappoint as headliners and you will be guaranteed to tapping along and singing to the suggestive lyrics, it?s dirty and you know you?ll love it!

So, come along to dBs on Friday night, entry is a mere £3 for the longest evening of live music this year, great value for your money! The night will be running from 8 pm ? 1 am and there will be Tetley?s and Carlsberg for £1 the whole night. Support your university bands and be there!

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