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Symphony Orchestra Concert a Smash

Mar 18 2007 21:14
Nick Simpson
Saturday 17th March saw the Imperial College Symphony Orchestra perform their centenary concert at Cadogan Hall
An outstanding venue for an excellent concert

Under the baton of conductor Richard Dickins, the Imperial College Symphony Orchestra trotted through four delightful pieces in celebration of 100 years of Impreial College. The performance was held in Cadogan Hall, just off Sloane Square, a state of the art venue complete with Byzantine tower. The former church was a superb venue to celebrate the birthday of the College (which also supported particularly comfortable seats)

Nearly 50 years old itself, the orchestra kicked the show off with Bernstein's Overture to 'Candide', a fine choice and rousing number to start. Moving on to Sibelius' Violin Concert the orchestra welcomed on stage the violinist, continuing to impress with a demanding part wholeheartedly supported by the staff and students behind him.

After the interval a moody rendition of Wagners' Forest Murmurs proved a stirring penultimate piece before bringing the evening to a close on some Strauss, Tod und Verklarung to be precise.

All in all it was a great performance and yet another demonstration of the diverse abilities of the students in the musical domain.

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Mar 20 2007 09:03

"On outstanding venue..."



Mar 20 2007 13:24

"Impreial College"

Mar 21 2007 19:10

who cares, dont you have better things to do like intial condition non constant coefficient partial differential equations, frickin losers

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