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Reemer meet Roushan on ICRadio

Jun 01 2009 00:27
IC Radio
ICRadio DJ, Roushan Alam, interviews 'Reemer' on ICRadio's Flagship Show. The band play five live songs including an inventive cover of Lady Gaga's 'Just Dance'.
Rockstar is Reemer's second single, played live in the ICRadio studio.

Reemer are an up-and-coming indie band who have just finished their first headline UK tour. Back in February, Reemer popped into ICRadio to meet DJ, Roushan Alam, and play a selection of songs including their singles 'Maniac' and 'Rockstar' from their debut album 'Snakes and Ladders'. Hailing from Manchester, Reemer talk about their time touring with McFly, why tea is better than beer and what to do if you have a brunette girlfriend but prefer blondes.

Reemer is made up of Dave Hunter (Vocals), Nick Murray (Guitar), Max Redfern (Bass) and Dan Evans (Drums).

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Listen to the live session with Reemer on The Flagship Show

Dave: I?m Dave I play the Vocals in Reemer. Dan: I?m Dan, the drummer, from Reemer. Max: And I?m Max, I play the bass.

That?s cool! How long have you guys been together? Dave: Four long years! I?m the newest one, Dave on vocals in Reemer, I?m the newest one! What brought you together initially? Dave: You all met at school, didn?t you, you three and then I met through a friend of a friend. I was at a different school nearby. We all hooked up.

Who would you say your musical influences were? Max: It?s so varied isn?t it? Dave: Yeah it developed. I remember when I joined they were all banging on about Blink 182 and I was thinking ?Hmm, I?ll have to change this?. But it just developed, we all like different stuff but it all sort of come together somewhere around sort of like the big bands like Coldplay and we liked things like Goo Goo Dolls. That?s quite a mixed variety of bands there. Max: Yeah absolutely, there?s loads like Dan?s well into his metal, the drummer, most drummers are! We?ve got a real mixed bag of stuff which we put together and create the mess that is Reemer.

Last year you guys were on tour with McFly is that right? Dave: Yeah, we were yeah. Nick: Really? You didn?t tell me! Dave: You weren?t invited! I was thinking, eight lads backstage, it must be quite rowdy? Dave: Do you know what? It?s not at all! I wish it was but we?re so soft. Max: Un-rock and roll? Dave: Yeah You?ve got to have some stories though surely? Come on, give me some scoop on like Dougie? Dave: [Mocking] Dougie is dirt! [Laughs] He just wanders around boozing, doing drugs! So, I?ve got an exclusive! Nick: The only exciting rock and roll thing was at the last gig: we moonied them as they were running through the backstage. That was about as exciting as it got really. You know what later in your career there?ll be a YouTube video that will come back to haunt you. Nick: Absolutely.

Anyway, shall we have a couple of tracks from you guys? Dave: Yeah that will be great. What are you going to play first? Dave: This is our first ever single, [mocking] which got to number five in the Indie Charts, which is irrelevant. And it?s called Maniac.

[Reemer with 'Maniac', live on ICRadio]

Dave: This next song is our second single. People don?t get it sometimes I find, because we got a review in a magazine that said it was awful, and he could not have got it. So, erm, [laughs]? So basically it?s about, they all thought we were going on about how wonderful we are when really we?re saying how rubbish we are in this song and it?s about working at a pub and everyone just treating you really badly at the pub. As you probably know, being students. No? Alright? Studio Audience Member: Yes! Nick: I worked at blockbusters? Dave: Yeah blockbusters or a pub? And people just treat us like, well, dirt! But then we?d go and play a gig in Manchester during the weekend and we?d be treated like kings. And that?s what this song is about. It?s called Rockstar.

[Reemer with ?Rockstar?, live on ICRadio]

Roushan with Reemer in the ICRadio Studio

That?s not bad! So you guys are embarking on a nationwide tour, what, later this month? Dave: Yeah, on Thursday! I was going to ask how you were feeling about it, but you guys are veterans on the touring circuit though it would seem. Dave: Well, within reason, yeah! My Wikipedia knowledge says you?ve already toured with The Feeling, Scouting for Girls, McFly and Elliot Minor. Is that true? Dave: [mischievous] That is fairly true. Max: Pretty much true. That?s pretty impressive. You?re literally travelling around for two months. I do have one issue. I?ve looked at your tour dates, there?s only one date in London, what?s that about? Dave: And do you know what? I don?t know! That?s on the 26th February. Now I?ve got an idea, I know your tour manager is here, I was thinking: cancel Stoke? Max: Cancel Stoke? Dave: Cancel Stoke! Yeah ok! Maybe we should cancel Aberdeen actually as that is the furthest away. Max: Yeah, Inverness, Inverness. Dave:Inverness, my word? Right, they?re going to love hearing that! Dave: I know, urrrrr? Max: Sorry guys!

And what sort of stuff can we expect to hear? Will it be stuff off the new album or? Dave: Yeah there?ll be old stuff. Well, old stuff? Fairly recent old stuff from the album that?s out at the moment: Snakes and Ladders. And then all the new stuff we?re working on as we just want to test the water with it, see what people think. Looking forward to it? Dave Absolutely yeah! It?s going to be mega. Max: Amazing.

I?m going to finish off by doing a bit of a quick fire round. I think our audience would really like to get to know you better as a band. To do that in the most accurate and informative way is to ask you a series of quick fire questions. Up for that? Dave: Absolutely, yeah! Fire away.

Ok, we?ll start us off with simple ones: CD?s or downloads? Max: Downloads. That was a quick answer! Dave: Illegal downloads from this young man! He?s killing the industry! Max: Ah, well?Dave: I am shocked!

Pubs or clubs, now I?m going to allow you to say both here aswell. Nick: Neither. Really?! Nick: Yeah, yeah, coffee shop every step of the way! Cuppa tea will do me fine.

Text or calls? Max: Calls. Nick: Yeah calls, I hate texting. Are you the type of guys that get a text then don?t reply for ages? Dave Yeah Nick is, in fact he was having a barney yesterday with his girlfriend about it. Nick: Yeah she went mental at me. I didn?t speak to her once for the whole day! Do you want to give her a public apology now, like here, now? Nick No because a) she?s in Machester and b) I?ve done all the grovelling I needed so I?m not doing anymore. Arrgh, this went so much deeper than I thought it would.

X-Factor or Strictly? Dan: X-Factor! Nick: Neither??? Well we had X-Factor from the corner there! Dan: Definitely! Max: Dan?s there like? 'I?m X-Factor all the way!' Dave: To everyone that?s listening this is the first time that Dan has spoken during the interview so? Max: Hi Dan! It?s the first time Dan?s spoken this year! He?s shaking quite furiously. Does your arm hurt when you do that? Because you?re normally like the drummer right? How does shaking compare to drumming? Dan: Oh, it?s tough!

Right, boxers or y-fronts? I?m not going to ask you to prove your point. All: Boxers! Dave: I?m actually wearing? [Screams from audience] Nick:Leggings? What do you call them? Nick:?leggings. Max:Long-johns? It?s been snowing! Dave: Seemed like a good idea at the time. Dan: You guys are lucky, normally they are fishnets! Dave: Suspenders tomorrow!

Right? McDonalds or Burger King? Max: Burger King Dave: Ohhhhh!!! Well the Burger King in Morrisons closed so it?s got to be McDonalds now. I can see this being a debate in the tour bus: where are we going to have dinner, McDonalds or Burger King? Max: There?ll be a fight on the tour bus.

Beer or ale? Max:I like beer. Dave: Beer? Yeah, go on then! Nick:What?s the difference? What does it matter, it?s a drink! Max:If it?s not made in a kettle then Dave don?t really care. Not that you make tea in a kettle, but it?s involved.

Blonde or brunette? Dave:I know what Murray?s gonna say, blonde. He?s got a new girlfriend, who?s a brunette, and she says ?I?m thinking about dying my hair? so he says ?Oh oh oh, how about blonde?? He?s got his first brunette girlfriend to turn blonde! Nick:I?ve never had a brunette girlfriend have I?

And finally, Snakes or Ladders? Dave:Arrrh! Ladders. That is class it?s got to be said! Ladders every step of the way!

Brilliant, we?ve got three more tracks from you now? Dave:Yeah, we have. These are the newer ones now. Well first one, oh no, what we gonna do? [Guitar Strumming] Which ones that? This is a brand new one! Which we wrote a week ago-ish. And we hope you like it.

[Reemer with ?Staring at the Ceiling?, live on ICRadio]

Dave: Shall we do the next one? This one is a cover that I have the music written down for as I don?t know the words. It?s Lady Gaga. I don?t even know? do we like this song? Dan: I don?t know! Dave: No, But we thought it would be fun to do. And Dan gets to shake his legs so everyone?s happy. Yeah so this is Lady Gaga ?Just Dance? as done by Reemer. A live lounge exclusive.

[Reemer with ?Just Dance?, live on ICRadio]

That was amazing! Loving the Rihanna in the middle there too! Dave: Yeah we stuck a bit of Rihanna in! You guys are pretty special. Now, you have brought along some albums for us today to give away. Dave: What?! You have?[laughs] Max: That?s because noone?s buying them. [Laughs] Nick:That?s not true? We are planning to give them away but I had a better idea, if I could give that to you, I was thinking if you signed them, we could wait until you were massive and then ebay? Dave: Yeah! Honestly, we?ve got boxes of them don?t worry about it! Brilliant Nick:You?ll be waiting a looong time.

When you guys go on tour, obviously you spend a lot of time together, I was wondering who is the trouble maker? Dave:Murray Dan: Murray Dave:That?s Murray, Nick to you guys. Girlfriend issues, troublemaker, moonying at McFly?! Nick: Honestly, I am like the clumsiest person in the world. Dave: As proven today about ten minutes ago. Basically wherever you are in the world, whatever you do that is clumsy, Murray will always outdo you clumsy wise. Nick: I will won?t I? Dave: There was a bowl of sugar today and I was saying how you could throw it over someone and then accidentally threw it over someone. I think you?re the instigator there Dave: To be honest, I do stir it a bit. But then Murray, just to outdo me, completely spilt his cup of tea over everyone! Nick: It was a big cup of tea as well, it was like a pint wasn?t it? Any casualties? Dave: Well there were five members of the band.

What did you think of Reemer? [Cheers] We?ve got a decent sized crowd in. We?ve got a couple more tracks from you guys I believe? Dave: Yeah this is 'The Track!' Saved the best till last? Dave: Yeah this is the one that on the McFly Tour, Danny from McFly came on and sang it with us a couple of times. Really? Yeah, he loved it! It?s called clouds and it?s fairly new so hopefully if you come and see us on tour you?ll be singing along with this by the end.

[Reemer with ?Clouds?, live on ICRadio]

You can hear more from Roushan by listening again to The Roushan Alam Show or you can tune into ICRadio's other shows, including The Flagship Show, at

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Jun 01 2009 00:35

The Roushan Alam Show on IC Radio comes highly recommended. Great revision listening!

Jun 10 2009 19:28

Nice interview, great live session. Will be listening to ic radio a lot more.

Jul 05 2009 16:18

It's not Morrissons, it's Warrington.

And it's not Staring at the Ceiling, it's See Me.

And some of the quotes you've said are from Max are actually from Nick.

But a brilliant interview :)

4. scam   
Jul 08 2009 01:45

It's a scam ! There is no such thing as a magic box that dispays a clock - DONT BUY IT!!

Jul 10 2009 11:15

Olivia - please email me any corrections. It was difficult writing a transcript without having been there for the recording! I'm very happy to make corrections. :o)

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