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Jam Night - Take 2

May 27 2003 21:31
Atul Rana
Live! continues coverage of Jazz and Rock's second jam night, held on Tuesday the 20th, 2003
The secret recipe for the perfect jam intrigues all

As always, the jam night is an evening of entertainment by Jazz and Rock where random musicians get together, drink some, play together on stage, drink some more and generally have a jolly old time while showing off their musical talents to everyone else.

With instructions on this second jam night that rehearsed bands would be frowned at and mistakes on stage would be applauded things were set to be interesting. Starting it all off was Jon C and mates with a steady blues jam. With things warmed up another assortment was formed on stage, notably with two very expensive guitar owners. One half of the assortment was quite amusingly playing heavy rock while the other half weren't interested. Still, the next batch was more in sync with a guitar, bass and keyboard blending ambient and infectious sounding phrases with a mellow "Doors" sound to it.

There is no clear way to describe the sound of the next band. Armed with a bass, guitar and a drummer they created a wall of sound. Intent on building an epic, long and defined mellow movements went into heavier undefined ones and it's the bass that kept the sanity all round. Full marks must go to this trio for experimenting outside the normal realms and rules of music.

We were back on to the blues next with some very talented individuals who soloed through the hearty and groovy set. Guitarist and legendary bluesman, Andy Thorpe added spark to it all with some smooth guitar solos. The keyboardist and the drummer’s solos were also simply fantastic. After this blues fest next on were Artemis who were helped by a violin and harmonica in their original pieces. Following them were Adiose Mr Morose's Rob and Anastasia's performing a self written duet.

A large collection then played Comfortably numb, with Swedish rocker Adam Steineck on vocals, Mu on bass and Jonathon providing the lushful strings on keyboard. Andy McKinley then stayed on alone with a drummer and played "We will rock you”, enticing the whole audience to sing and thump along. A bunch of metallers then got the decibel level in dB to shoot straight up with a storming version of Master of Puppets, it’s jerky moments receiving full on applause by the audience.

The concluding acts were fairly amusing with a bluesy vocalist holding an unopened can of beer through his whole set. Paul, the non Al member of Ember Daze was on vocals for the final jam, which concluded with the Radiohead song Creep.

So, it was yet another wildly entertaining night of ad lib music on stage, with a nice blues touch to it. The growing popularity of the jam night is pulling in more people and encouraging student musicians. With several gig nights planned in the summer term, the student gig scene is set to be alight as end of term events and parties hit a place near you.

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Discussion about “Jam Night - Take 2”

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May 30 2003 16:51

Oi Atul, shouldn't you be trying to wind up your PhD!?!

May 30 2003 17:02

Ummm Yeah, but this is why it's taking so long to write up man!

May 30 2003 17:22

'Salright, doesn't have to make sense, just has to meet a minimum weight and be wrapped up in some pretty blue binding

May 30 2003 17:41

What is the minimum weight?, I might be able to slip in pages of these reviews to beef it up a bit.

May 31 2003 12:03

Oi Ismail,

Didn't it take you about a million years to write up your PhD anyway?

Jun 02 2003 11:33

Not quite. I wrote it in abpout a month. I just did nothing for a million years before hand. :)

How's life Sam?

Jun 02 2003 14:11

Ismail also holds the record of being my supervisor's fastest student to complete a Phd.

Jun 02 2003 17:22

technically, yeah. But it took an age for me to viva instead. Also, I'm far more proud of my tradition of sleeping under my desk for 1-2 hours everyday. Alas, now the lab sprit is gone. Everyone working hard and no one rides motorbikes anymore (let's not mention the rest).

Jun 02 2003 20:10


Jun 03 2003 11:43

Why? Is there something wrong with my moustache?

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