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Gig Night in a Full House

Jun 09 2003 11:51
Atul Rana
Jazz & Rock's gig night held last Tuesday captured and reviewed here on Live!
Jazz & Rock considers renaming to Jazz, Rock and Dance

The first gig night of the term was a full house instalment with over 150 in the audience packing out dB's. With glittering lights funky rays and stuff lighting up the performers the stage was set.

First on were "Raytracer", a three-piece playing original material with a singer/guitarist, bassist and drummer. The powerful yet controlled rock/indie voice of the vocalist was augmented well with his melodic guitar riffs. The bass's catchy hooks and drummer's clockwork added yet more to the songs. Their acoustic version of “Nirvana's” Nevermind proved that they could completely turn round the dynamics of a classic and still do justice to it. For a three-piece, this band is more than the sum of it's parts and is on it’s road to bigger things.

Second up were "Lethal Fixx", an oldskool 80's style rock band, with a vocalist, two guitarists, bassist and drummer. They played a blend of original and cover songs with a classic rock sound but the song that sticks to one's mind is Knocking on Heaven's Door, “Guns N Roses” version with the full on epic building of the Dylan classic. They were really enjoying their gig performance with plenty of stage energy, keeping the audience entertained.

"Adios Mr. Morose" started cracking some jokes to keep the audience amused while setting up their keyboard, drums, bass and guitar. Dangerously avoiding a stand up comedy night they then proceeded to churn out some original tunes. The unique style of the female drummer seemed to have a "Cranberries" feel with a bit more kick to it. The band's interaction with the crowd was amusing, particularly the suggestive lyrics of some songs. They ended the set by blowing crackers on to the crowd. Full marks to their guitarist who was wearing an S-Club t-shirt, class!

Final band "Presuming Ed" were playing their last gig ever. With a line-up including a pianist, who was presumably called Ed, drums and guitar and to top it all off an attractive female vocalist they were bound to be a hit. For a final band, their music wasn't loud, just beautiful with a cool Motown feel to it. Their set was executed with the perfection of well-trained musicians. Recognisable covers were Dock of the Bay, Walking in Memphis and Johnny B Goode. They even got a happy crowd dancing away in front of the stage, a rarity for a gig night. With everyone on a musical high, they ended the gig night and their own last performance in true style.

The first gig night lived up to the hype with plenty of entertainment from the bands that got the crowd on it's feet. Hopefully the remaining gig nights will be just as spectacular. Next one up is on Tuesday the 17th of June, so be there!

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