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All That Jazz

Dec 02 2003 11:28
Nia Stevens
MTSoc entertain a packed dBs with their caberet style show.
MTSoc Talent

A taster of the talent that will be on display in ICU Musical Theatre Society's spring show, Little Shop of Horrors, this evening's entertainment, All That Jazz, presented songs selected from a variety of musicals but all using the genre, you've guessed it, jazz. I had been forewarned that plenty of this aforementioned talent would be on display and indeed, the show did not disappoint.

The show included some strong solos, most notably Roshani Nanayakkara singing the fiendishly demanding ('cos it's contains lots of high notes) "Summertime", Dale Bassett's rendition of "I Get a Kick Out of You" and Frances Langrishe's "Stars and the Moon". These were combined with some well performed chorus numbers. Particularly engaging was the choreography for "McCavity", "Money, Money" and "Anything Goes" (which included tap dancing!). Particularly entertaining also was "Surabaya Santa" which saw Santa being threatened by his fishnet tights clad wife with a whip.

Maintaining the sexual preferences balance in amongst the songs telling tales of heterosexual love, lay a fabulously hearty rendition of "Blue Gabriel Blow (that horn)" and maintaining the dressing preferences balance was a performance of "Gotta Get a Gimmik" by the delightful Miss Eoghan O'Neill, Miss Simon Rawson and Miss Matthew Smith. My only complaint was that O'Neill, Rawson and Smith had clearly not studied the art of maintaining dignity whilst wearing high heels and a dress (close your legs chaps ;-)).

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