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IC Union Choir Concert

Dec 16 2003 08:52
Duncan Richmond
Imperial College Union Choir perform Handel's "Israel in Egypt"
IC Choir last friday

Last Friday, December 12th, saw this term’s concert given by the Imperial College Union Choir in the Great Hall under the baton of their director, Therees Hibbard.

This term's chosen work was Handel's "Israel in Egypt", first published in its present form in 1771 and often labelled as his most ambitious oratorio. "Israel in Egypt" is a primarily plot-driven work following the Book of Exodus from the Bible with a few Psalms thrown in for good measure. Whilst the text is predominantly lifted straight from the bible, Handel sets it well with both clever arrangements of music borrowed from other composers and his own work.

The choir gave a sound and enjoyable performance throughout both parts of this dynamic work, well supported by their backing orchestra, with notable performances from the guest soloists, Emily Benson (1st Soprano), Eliana Pretorian (2nd Soprano), Richard Scott (Counter Tenor), Nathan Vale (Tenor), Dawid Kimberg (1st Baritone) & James Harrison (2nd Baritone).

The Choir's very own Chamber Choir will be singing carols by candlelight this Wednesay December 17th at Holy Trinity Church on Prince Consort Road from 6pm with mince pies and wine to follow. Next term the choir is planning to perform Elgar’s “Dream of Gerontius” and if the choir continues on their current form it will no doubt be well worth attending.

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Discussion about “IC Union Choir Concert”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Mar 03 2004 17:02

such an eqsuisite piece of music, especially the interlude

Mar 03 2004 17:03

and an excellent article as wll. well done duncan

Mar 03 2004 17:03

i agree but i much prefer bach's prelude in d minor

Mar 03 2004 17:04

especially when played by ann elise smoot

Mar 03 2004 17:04

Wonderfull tea too . I especially loved the watercress sandwiches and the canapes.

Mar 03 2004 17:05

yes. espceially after an assembly. i heard the last one 3 times in argentina after the classical festival there 3 years back

Mar 03 2004 17:11

Well I hear that Glyndebourne will be playing it this year. What about an ICU boat trio there?

8. jimbo   
Mar 03 2004 22:56

not necessarily out of the question

Mar 04 2004 00:10

Jolly good idea.

wonder if we can get the same catereres, the sandwiches were spiffing. And the serving women were lovely slavic flowers..

10. Arwa   
Mar 04 2004 10:19

I think you will find they

were Iranian. Only Iranian

women have such feminine

strength and beauty.

Mar 04 2004 10:22

and such eyebrows...

Mar 04 2004 10:31

I think it is disgusting that IC participates in filthy zionist propaganda which glorifies in evil invasion of 1967.

Mar 04 2004 10:49

Who invaded who? As this wonderful choral concert shows It was Israel who left Egypt. This is precisely the type of Philistinsim one has to face daily when talking to the average ragamuffin EE student.

14. tom t   
Mar 04 2004 13:14

Mohammed, G F Handel died on April 14, 1759, so I think it's a little 'pre-emptive', if you'll excuse the pun, to accuse him of filthy Zionist propaganda!

15. Adolf   
Mar 04 2004 13:35

The Zionists have been controlling the world for hundreds of years.

didn't you know? I can recommend a great book called the "protocols of the elders of zion" that explains this vwery clearly.

Mar 04 2004 15:31

handel was called handel because he was the pan-handle of zionist propaganda. it doesnt make a difference when he died, tom. you can't confuse the facts with your modern statistics.

Mar 04 2004 15:33

why can we not just treat the lovely music that handel composed with the great respect it deseverd. unlike the music of other composers such as beethoven and mozart it was not at all political. handel's refernecs to israel and egypt are biblical, and not biblio-political or politically biblica. i hope that clears a few things up



18. dr   
Mar 04 2004 15:35

listen jurgen

19. dr   
Mar 04 2004 15:37

sorry jurgen, got vut off there. what do you know about music anyway? where were you when vivaldi composed his trilogy for bas in e flat major? all music is politica. music is multi-institutional and quasi-beureaucratical. no less was said by peter stringfellow

Mar 04 2004 15:39

i agree. this sea-change in the local diagnostic sphere is most unhelpful/ linguistically, all practices are equally valid, whether terminological or not

Mar 04 2004 15:40

Rather , I heard that Handel's work served as an inspiration for Hitler. Indeed his famous Bayreuth festival was always attended by Hitler. It is really insensitive for ICU to play Handel as it clearly doesn't respect the Students who fought in the war or those that died at the Somme because of Music like this. Indeed some friends of mine in materials were personally offended.

22. geff   
Mar 04 2004 15:43

i also heard that it severd as an inspiration to mussolii and john major

23. xiao   
Mar 04 2004 15:43

who was john major

24. luther   
Mar 04 2004 15:44

he was a modern british pm

25. xiao   
Mar 04 2004 15:44

in china we dont have john major

26. luther   
Mar 04 2004 15:45

no, you have jiang zemin

27. xiao   
Mar 04 2004 16:01

in china we not have transgenders because chinese government say we can not. however, i once knew li hong who was a man that look like woman and xing hang chu who was fat as a bee and quick like a man

28. xiao   
Mar 04 2004 16:03

and more, but i do not have time to say

ps, sorry i didnt answer. call at half past

Mar 04 2004 17:26

IC is a secular institution and it oppresses our freedom of worship to have IC associated with a composer who is so strongly associated with the Judeo-Christian tyranny of Western Capitalist states. All of his works are rooted in pro-zionist sympathies.

30. mitch   
Mar 04 2004 19:12

mohammed makes his comment sin his typical gingerly fashion, but doesnt take responsibility for what he says, leaving his words to burn over, like hot coals

Mar 04 2004 19:19

1/ this is discrimination because there isn't enough space for my name, and also mohammed is speaking rubbish - handel has nothing to do with judeo-christian tyranies. judeo-christian as an adjective means things that christianity has borrowed from judaism and then bastardised

Mar 04 2004 19:20

who are all these big girls blouses

33. hrsg   
Mar 04 2004 19:21

maybe i'll make a microphone and electricute my frizzy ginger hair

34. hrsj   
Mar 04 2004 19:21

maybe i'll make a microphone and electricute my frizzy blonde hair

Mar 04 2004 19:22

who has hijacked my forum for discussing the polution outside my window. everyone knows i am the most poluted

Mar 04 2004 21:33

this whole thing has become ridiculous. everyone knows that handel's music was of a most supreme nature. it is often said that conflict is in the eye of the beholder and people who wish to super-impose realpolitik into handel's beutiful musical arrangements should be embargoed

37. xiao   
Mar 04 2004 21:35

i must agree - we are always opposed to embargos. once, xing hao was late for civics lesson about the people of Heilongjiang province and no one embargoed him

Mar 04 2004 21:36

yes, the great leader has always taught that there should oly be embargos against america, who is evil

Mar 04 2004 22:01

but we have to understand that in the context of the fact that north korea uder the kims is hardly the omst democratic place on earth

Mar 04 2004 22:04

this is wrong and false. north korea is the biggest democracy. soon we will unify with south korea. it is the lies and the propaganda of the west that is distorting the truth of the revolution

Mar 04 2004 22:06

but why is no one talking about sweden? sweden is where handel would take his holidays.

Mar 04 2004 22:08

yes. this realy discriminates against swedish students. we are never recognised for our incredible contributions to handel's music

Mar 04 2004 22:12

i think you are all crazy, yes? you have all forgotten the contribution of the greeks to democracy that gave handel the opportunity to write his masterpieces

44. hank   
Mar 04 2004 22:13

i prefer britney spears

Mar 04 2004 22:14

i prefer the works of the great leaders

46. kahana   
Mar 04 2004 22:18

I prefer to be right and I was in both senses.

I also feel like chicken tonight. like chicken tonight..

47. jeeves   
Mar 05 2004 00:05

what about hydrogenation?

48. daoud   
Mar 05 2004 01:29

Good sabbath

Mar 05 2004 02:16

How many IC students does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Mar 05 2004 02:17

Just one - but it's the only thing they know how to do.

51. amram   
Mar 05 2004 13:51

That was rather poor peter?

At least put the punchline on the same post. A lot of EE students have serious difficculty screwing (lightbulbs)

welcome to the live community.

Don't push me push a push pop.

Mar 05 2004 15:59

why is there no mention of the contribution to realpolitik that was made by the south american states

Mar 05 2004 16:00

this is a disgrace. how are we supposed to cope?

Mar 07 2004 20:03

this thread seems to be spiralling out of control

55. olga   
Mar 08 2004 15:45

but it's still quite a popular thread

56. martin   
Mar 08 2004 15:45

yes it is rather isn't it

Mar 08 2004 19:09

why do u think that might be

Mar 08 2004 19:10

well it could be because handel is quite an emotive subject when mixed with realpolitik

Mar 08 2004 19:12

i heard that handel was often quite influenced by ofra haza's works

Mar 08 2004 19:13

this is true, but people forget the influence of composers such as rami kleinstein and dag nachash on composers of that era.

Mar 08 2004 19:14

yes, but i myself hear traces of shlomo artsi and aviv gefen in handel's pieces. also, could it be that his fondness for biblical narrative was influenced by tsvika pik

Mar 08 2004 19:15

there's absolutely no evidence whatsoever to suggest that

Mar 08 2004 19:17

his narrative is clearly biased in favour of the israelites and is a complete misinterpretation of the text. it completely ignores the israelites provocation of the international community with ten plagues

64. marwan   
Mar 08 2004 19:18

yes, the ten plagues were not at all an proportionate response to egypt's minor human rights violations.

65. hosni   
Mar 08 2004 19:21

and an undermining of the sovereignty of egypt's democratically elected PM, pharoah.

Mar 08 2004 21:43

the exodus never happened - the israelites were very happy in egypt

Mar 08 2004 21:44

not just the qife of moshe, but also the modern day ex chair. what do i think about handel? well...

Mar 08 2004 22:01

i'm fat because i eat popcorn when i listen to handel

69. yaalon   
Mar 08 2004 22:01

stop interfering in the musical system

Mar 08 2004 22:05

i'm sick of hearing right wing interpretations of handel. can we not move on to mozart

Mar 08 2004 22:06

i have a phd in handel

Mar 08 2004 22:08

I'll be judge of that. Why don't they play Jesus christ superstar- I will be happy to play the lead role.

Mar 08 2004 22:09

Pourqui pas a bit of debusssy

Mar 08 2004 22:10

i feel i have to try and communicate this post to you all

Mar 08 2004 22:12

I think you need to manage things better

Mar 08 2004 22:12

i thought i'd randomnly post even though u dont know me

Mar 08 2004 22:13

we're putting u on r list just in case you're all related to us

78. what   
Mar 08 2004 22:15


Mar 08 2004 22:17

peasents unite

Mar 08 2004 22:18

did handel live before the invention of the te-e-e-le-e-ef-o-o-n

Mar 08 2004 22:19

handel wasn't a member of the swp

82. ovadia   
Mar 08 2004 22:20

are you cussing me cos i is oriental

Mar 08 2004 22:22

if handel came near me i'd do krav maga on him and step on his foot

Mar 08 2004 22:23

Now my son get to sleep..

Mar 09 2004 00:40

i'm back, and this is obviously the coolest thread

86. amram   
Mar 09 2004 01:47

Welcome back Valentina. Get ready to spar.

Amram still rules!

Mar 09 2004 14:13

how can you say that you are better than valentina. she's the best thing ever

Mar 09 2004 14:13

this is just another example of amram's left wing propaganda

89. shimon   
Mar 09 2004 14:14

ha ha amram - i've got your job and you still haven't had time to shave

Mar 09 2004 14:15

what's this got to do with handel, and what's handel go to do with organic chemistry

Mar 09 2004 14:17

sorry, i've just got back from some randomn afairs i'm having with members of staff - did i miss anything? i used to listen to handel when i was in soweto. did i tell you about that?

92. amram   
Mar 09 2004 14:40

It is clear that Valentina is part of the Arabist propaganda that has overcome this website. Valentina is an opressor, a woman who hold these wild feminist views that seek to discriminate agianst the male elite who top IC list of successes. she also represents the age-old antisemitism claiming to be from Jesus' disciples and yet condeming his people. She is just as bad as mel gibson or sarah jessica parker!

Mar 10 2004 01:31

how dare you talk about feminism amram. everyone knows it is all a zionist conpiracy to exploit women and make them buy handel records

Mar 10 2004 09:19

This is clearly a very popular topic. I had no idea that Handel would inspire such a strengh of feeling.

It also seems to be being used by many, many (two?) people with far too much time on their hands; time that might be better spent coming to support the Choir's next offering, Elgar's "Dream of Gerontius" on Friday, 19th March.

95. Sam   
Mar 10 2004 09:20

It's just occurred to me that what's worse is I actually *read* that [email protected]!

Mar 10 2004 13:56

it is definately true. we must support the Choir's next offering, Elgar's "Dream of Gerontius" on Friday, 19th March. marmeduke? will u be there? maybe we can get an article here about that as well, thus spreading musical knowledge further

Mar 10 2004 14:01

ja, i think we must all go

Mar 10 2004 19:33

Unfortunately I will be going down to the countryside for a spot of Pheasant shooting and will indeed miss the Choir's next performance. I wonder Helmut, are you related to Thomas Lapid-vonkfar sava. I hear he is of good Aystro-hungarian stock too. A wonderfully tolerant man who as I understand had aspirations to join the clergy when he was younger.

Mar 10 2004 20:54

yes i also know yvette lieberman von nokdim

Mar 11 2004 12:49

i am close friends with abraham birk, who is a poor speaker, and he tells me that handel was very much influenced by composers such as inbal gabriellite and saul moffat.

Mar 11 2004 20:33

Just doing my bit cotter. let the war begin. Helmut , makes an intersting point but in thelight of day don't you mean Yvette von-st petersburg.

102. wtf   
Mar 11 2004 21:41

what the f**k r u ppl talking about thorughtout this thread. have you got nothing better to do with your lives you sad gimps

103. get   
Mar 11 2004 21:42

get a life u gimps

104. Tolhurst   
Mar 11 2004 22:13

Listen biy behave or I'll have to put your name in one of my folders at the back of my office Mr. "wtf" don't you get it we've taken over this forum ha ha ha (evil cackle) as has our army of injokes innuendos and swipes at Handel. It must be said that if you can't Handel the heat get out of the kitchen

105. Gertrude   
Mar 11 2004 22:14

Actually we are all students at Gimperial so that makes you a gimp too.

I vote for Handel as new President of IC

106. Xiao   
Mar 11 2004 22:15

Good idea. But was he chinese?

Mar 11 2004 22:17

No but he did love sweet and sour chicken

Mar 11 2004 22:19

But everyone knows that he is recognized in England and by many in Germany as the greatest composer of his day. The wide range of expression at his command is shown not only in the operas, with their rich and varied arias, but also in the form he created, the English oratorio, where it is applied to the fates of nations as well as individuals. He had a vivid sense of drama. But above all he had a resource and originality of invention, to be seen in the extraordinary variety of music in the op.6 concertos, for example, in which melodic beauty, boldness and humour all play a part, that place him and J.S. Bach as the supreme masters of the Baroque era in music. Indeed his fondness for running through the streets of Hamburg naked shouting Ich bin ein Kappelmeister can be attributed to his tourets syndrome. As can his penchant for breaking wind during performances.

Mar 11 2004 22:22

Aha he must been Chinese! My uncle Wats Wong used to break wind during performance of the peoples circus. Yes that was in the good ol days of Mao.

Mar 11 2004 22:24

Tut tut, It is totally unacceptable comparing Wats Wong with Handel. It makes an unacceptable comparison between Ying and Yang, between communism and freedom, between right and wrong, between Ant and Dec..

111. Xiao   
Mar 11 2004 22:26

The People's Republic of China is a New Democratic or a People's Democratic state. It carries out the people's democratic dictatorship led by the working class, based on the alliance of workers and peasants, and uniting all democratic classes and all nationalities in China. It opposes imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism and strives for independence, democracy, peace, unity, prosperity and strength of China.It encourages the production of Egg fu young, and opposes American Capitalism as represented by the ever evil Uncle Ben whose culinary capitalism is worse than Uncle Sam's disney-led oppression of the chinese women.

Mar 13 2004 22:03

i agree - where is our sense of imperial spirit - the one that defeated the germans during the war

Mar 13 2004 22:05

hey you guys, it was the americans that defeated the germans!

Mar 13 2004 22:06

non, it was the french we surrendered, lulling them into a false sense of security, making them fall into our trap so we could get the americans to come over and join the fight

115. vladmir   
Mar 13 2004 22:07

the wasr was caused by evil capitalists

116. abdullah   
Mar 13 2004 22:07

and zionists obviously

Mar 13 2004 22:31

Now we see how Live has been taken over by the Islamic lobby. Indeed a discussion on Handle has been hijacked by those who would pan-handel the middle east.

It is high time that we in the arts community

118. Handel   
Mar 14 2004 12:38

Hello, all I would like to announce that I will be singing in front of the Rector at a special concert held in conjunction with Luton University...

Mar 15 2004 21:25

Atul make that 37 :-)

Mar 16 2004 11:51

we in the arts community must immediately act to secure the future of handel and christina aguilera before it will be too late

121. arthur   
Mar 17 2004 12:13

goodness me, this thread does seem to be slowing down a bit after all the initial enthusiasm

122. Gertrude   
Mar 17 2004 14:19

apparently the posters didn't like the censorship practices on live...

123. xiao   
Mar 18 2004 17:16

i think this thread is really good because it gives people of all differemt nationalities to discuss handel and what general mao did for them

124. mikhail   
Mar 18 2004 17:17

what did mao ever do for anyone

125. olga   
Mar 18 2004 17:18

he did many things. he was an excellent swimmer for example

126. ling   
Mar 18 2004 17:18

ally also likes bowling. also, so do the great leaders

Mar 18 2004 17:19

who the hell mentioned anything about bowling?

128. ling   
Mar 18 2004 17:20

sorry, got a bit ahead of myself again. do you know who else likes bowling AND also listening to handel

Mar 18 2004 17:21

the s**te muslims in iraq

Mar 18 2004 17:22

why do you write their name in asterisks?

Mar 18 2004 17:24

he didn't. it's this pesky website - if you say shi-ite then it thinks you are trying to use the s-word and so censors you. there will be no unilateral withdrawal from the asterisks

Mar 18 2004 17:25

anybody seen my portaloo?

Mar 18 2004 17:26

maybe u left it in the science department

Mar 18 2004 17:26

yes, i' confiscated it because i'm horrible

135. charlie   
Mar 18 2004 21:56

and now i'm here again

Mar 18 2004 22:20

Whose Charlie?

It is clear that Handel is a very emotional issue for everybody. Let us all agree to disagree and enjoy the wondrous melodies, the wondeful tones and the glorious arias. Must Dash as

Question time is at IC tonight...

Mar 19 2004 10:26

Et cum spirito tuo.

138. Baldie   
Mar 19 2004 13:39

His Excellency, Sam Sharpe, Lord High Protector aka His Excellency, Sam Sharpe, Lord High Protector

Mar 19 2004 13:40

Isn't that odd, the name boxes aren't censored for swearwords

140. tim   
Mar 21 2004 18:34

what people seem to fail to appreciate is that although we at imperial are helping to ensure that the legacy of handel is not forgotten, unless events like these achieve greater publicity then are efforts may be fruitless

141. steve   
Mar 21 2004 20:54

this time i agree entirely with what tim has said

142. Sam   
Mar 21 2004 21:57

His Excellency, Sam Sharpe, Lord High Protector

mmm... i forgot about that particular swear filter

143. Sam   
Mar 21 2004 22:01

just in case - don't type the letters b, a, l, d, i and e next to each other - you won't get what you intended...

144. baldie   
Mar 22 2004 01:41

His Excellency, Sam Sharpe, Lord High Protector

Mar 23 2004 22:50

I'd be fairly certain that your comments are being censored because the Live! editors feel they aren't appropriate. I'm sure they can explain better than I can.

Also you do have the right to express your opinion. Live has the right to remove it from _their_ site if they feel they are inappropriate or do not reasonably represent the opinions of the students running the site. It is CGCU's site afterall. Think of it like writing to The Times, it would be unreasonable to expect them to publish every single letter they get no matter what it says.

146. Chi   
Mar 24 2004 01:33

Dear Moderator/ Editor

I was wondering if there was a problem with this thread because I keep trying to post my opinions on Mustafa's comments but they keep getting deleted. I think that cleanliness all round IC is a problem that we need to address quickly and I would be gratefrul if you would let me know if there is some technical problem with this thread because my posts kep getting deleted.

147. Editor   
Mar 24 2004 10:30

The Live! forums exist for the use of all Imperial students to discuss issues of interest to Imperial students. These forums are moderated by the Live! Editors and we do sometimes find it necessary to remove posts in the interest of keeping the site constructive and relevant.

If you would like to query the removal of any particular post please e-mail .

Closed This discussion is closed.

Please contact the Live! Editor if you would like this discussion topic re-opened.


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