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Windband Extravaganza!

Dec 19 2003 10:50
Martin Chong
A delightful lunchtime concert performed by Imperial College Windband.
Finger faster! Tongue harder! Blow longer! (The motto of the Windband)

The Imperial College Windband, or Imperial ‘Winds’ as they prefer to be referred as, held their termly ‘Extravaganza’ last Tuesday lunchtime.

They are a relatively less well-known branch of the Symphony Orchestra so most people probably don’t realise that they even existed, never mind that they were performing a free concert in the Great Hall. This is a great shame as it was a very enjoyable forty-five minutes of well-known music, ably conducted by Duncan Beat.

They started with “Liberty Bell” by John Philip Sousa, made famous as the theme tune to Monty Python’s Flying Circus, before moving on to an arrangement of “Jurassic Park”, originally by John Williams, which made for a rousing opening.

The centrepiece was “Oregon” by Jacob de Haan. However, the biggest crowd pleaser was probably “Instant Concert”, arranged by Harold Walters. This consisted of snippets from many famous pieces of music such as “The William Tell Overture” and “The Can-Can”. There were even traces of Jingle Bells.

The concert then moved onto “Star Trek through the Generations”, arranged by R.W. Smith, before ending, of course, with a seasonal piece, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, arranged by John Rutter.

The quality of the playing somewhat varied with the pieces and the audience turnout was low, but these were minor faults. Overall it was a very relaxing, informal concert and a perfect way of spending an hour during lunchtime. Roll on next term’s concert!

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Discussion about “Windband Extravaganza!”

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Dec 20 2003 15:43

We all actually thought that the audience turnout was good! However, please make sure to come along next time for some more relaxing playing :-)

Many thanks for the review Martin!

2. Mona   
Dec 20 2003 20:27

There in spirit if not in person! (Stuck at home with flu instead, grrr.) Glad it went well. Hope the Christmas do was good too!


Dec 21 2003 22:03

Thoroughly enjoyable it was too, it was the first windband concert I went to and I liked the less formal and more fun nature of the concert. Loved the Jurassic Park theme. And it was all free as well, bonus.

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