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Preview: Just Another Saturday Night?

Mar 07 2006 14:37
Maggie Holme
Live! takes a sneak peek at this spring's MTSoc show....
The picture says it all...

Sue is going out with Gary, who chats up Penny and anything else in a skirt. Sharon fancies Rick who fancies Sharon but can't pluck up courage to tell her because she hasn't told him yet. And Eddie fancies Bridget who doesn't fancy anyone.

There's snogging in the alleyway and throwing up in the toilets whilst the girls dream of finding their perfect man and the boys dream of finally going all the way. And all the while the pattern of many nights past, and many yet to come, unfolds with love, lust, heartbreak and alcohol (not to mention dancing in very, very short skirts).

No, it's not a Wednesday night at Cheapskates. Set in the seedy "Club A Go-Go" around 1964, the Heather Brothers? "A Slice Of Saturday Night" follows the ups and downs of seven 17 year olds one Saturday night, all under the watchful eye of the club owner, aging rocker Eric "Rubber Legs" DeVene. After first wowing London audiences back in 1989, "Slice" has been a huge hit both in professional and amateur circles ever since. And with over thirty original, witty and, at times, outrageous spoofs of genuine sixties hits, this reporter guarantees that most of the music will sound familiar, even if it's not quite possible to say why.

Sure, the drink of choice is now Lambrini instead of Babycham, and you're more likely to be dancing to the Kaiser Chiefs than Cliff Richard and the Shadows, but "A Slice Of Saturday Night" will make anyone is or ever has been a teenager laugh, cry and cringe as they reminisce over their misspent youth.

The show is being performed by the Musical Theatre Society in the Union Concert Hall from 7.30pm Tuesday to Saturday this week (7th-11th March). Tickets are £4.50 for students and are available from the Union Office and on the door.

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Discussion about “Preview: Just Another Saturday Night?”

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1. Ruth   
Mar 07 2006 15:08

It is very cool. Everyone should come.

Mar 07 2006 17:14

surely this should be marked as a 'Preview' like everyone elses adverts are ;)

Mar 07 2006 21:48

Duly noted and corrected. Also not strictly speaking an advert!

Mar 07 2006 21:48

Awesome show tonight guys. This is well worth seeing!

5. Ruth   
Mar 10 2006 13:33

Reminder that this is only on until Saturday and tickets are selling fast...

6. Alex   
Mar 12 2007 14:39

I am in this play at a different theatre. It a stupendous script. Definately one where we actors really NEED an interval.

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