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Little Shop of Horrors

Mar 04 2004 12:14
Thomas Tibbits
ICU Musical Theatre Society present the first night of their entertaining new show, Little Shop of Horrors
So, where's the horror?

?On the 23rd Day of the Month of September in an early year of a decade not too long before our own, the human race suddenly encountered a deadly threat to its very existence, and this terrifying enemy surfaced as such enemies often do in the seemingly most innocent and unlikely of places...?

So begins this years second musical extravaganza from the accomplished talents that form Musical Theatre Soc, though the opening Prologue, performed by the indomitable chorus of Fay Talbot, Kate Feldschreiber and Ruth Harries gave a much tastier mouthful of what was to come. The plot whisked the audience through the highs and lows of life on Skid Row, the back of Mr. Mushnik?s florist?s shop and, with a few beautifully choreographed numbers on the way (not to mention the dentist?s chair), to the poignant ending that all love stories have?

The show included some particularly strong performances, given by Robert Felstead (Seymour), whose solos and duets were confident and charismatic, Lucy Haken (Audrey), whose fragility and loyalty shone through in her role, not forgetting leader of the gang Matthew Smith (Mr. Mushnik), and the sadistic Sebastian Junemann (Oric). However, the numbers with the full company onstage became the auditory truffles that one simply doesn?t expect to see at IC. Truffles that should not be missed. Overall tight lipwork from the ubiquitous chorus girls and the rhythmic band, Tom Carradine, Jon Hooper, Andy Power, Paul Denham and Derek Hirst, were to blame for a hiccough-free continuity that had the whole ensemble jumping.

Amusing one-liners and perfect comic timing helped add lustre and finesse to this highly recommended production, and the author, has had previously neither read the book nor seen the film(s?) will be back for more of the same. Just not with the watering can. Why don?t you come along too?

Little Shop of Horrors will be performed in the Union Concert Hall from 8pm on Thursday 4th, Friday 5th and Saturday 6th March, and at only £4.50, represents a bargain at twice the price.

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Discussion about “Little Shop of Horrors”

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1. Gary   
Mar 04 2004 15:14

Photos from the dress are here (suprise suprise!)

2. tom t   
Mar 04 2004 16:18

Hey Gary,

How did you get such blur free images? Were you using digital, if so, how did you persuade it to keep a short shutter time, presumably without flash?


3. Gary   
Mar 04 2004 17:26

Nikon Coolpix 990 with long exposure time and no flash. Then take a few hundred photos and select the ones where they didn't move ;-)

4. Nia   
Mar 06 2004 16:08

We liked. As good and fun as I remember it was. :-) Rediscovering funny lines I'd forgotten were there ("but I want you to"). MTSoc's infectious enjoyment of the musical & good catchy songs have infiltrated my brain.

Highlights: Ronnette, Chiffon & the other one. Seymour. Choreography of closed for renovation. Fluffy pink & white costumes.

Lowlights: People stepping briefly out of character to sing. I would have liked to see the chorus being given more to do.

Mar 06 2004 22:24

happy festival of lots to everyone - ve nahphoch hu

6. Carl   
May 12 2004 20:30

Sorry we missed that one, we're really looking to find another group showing it before we do!

Kennet Amateur Theatrical Society will be showing 'Little Shop of Horrors' on July 29th, 30th & 31st.

Located on the M4 corridor 50 miles West of London it promises to be a great nights entertainment.

Visit our website for more information

7. ralph   
Jun 04 2004 10:19

i found the show really entertaining. i hope there'll be another one soon

8. jeff   
Jun 07 2004 15:08

so did i, but we'll probably have to wait till next year

Jun 07 2004 16:34

The next musical theatre offering from ICU will be on tour over the summer, details available at

10. Moti   
Jun 07 2004 19:24

ralph aren;t you meant to be revisin for your mech eng exams...

11. ralph   
Jun 08 2004 00:50

yes, but they're almost over

12. motti   
Jun 08 2004 02:03

ah good luck for tomorrow!

13. ralph   
Jun 10 2004 22:39

it's all over now

14. rufus   
Jun 15 2004 13:02

that seems to be where the land lies, i think

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