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Imperial Opera Presents: The Shakespeare Revue

Nov 16 2004 22:06
Andy Chamberlain
400 years of rewrites you?d think would be enough
The particularly funky programme cover.

Possibly the most interesting place to put on a show; as the website suggests, ?you wouldn't find us unless you knew we were there? was more than true ? under a railway arch 246a which is past the Eurostar despatch depot at Waterloo station. Once you have found the (right) magic blue door you enter into this wonderful fringe-style theatre. Before writing about the show this reporter should really give a little background information.

Imperial Opera was conceived over 25 years ago by two members of Imperial College Operatic Society who grumbled that ex-students were taking all the good parts. So they decided that another society for these people would be a good idea, and thus Imp Op was born.

?To be is not to be, but to have been?

The show was a delight to watch and a totally irreverent use of Shakespeare?s lines, be it set to musical numbers ? setting the story of Romeo & Juliet to ?When you go down to the woods today?, or at the heart of skits stereotyping directors trying to interpret Shakespeare or giving out notes. One is also implored to give those many soliloquys, learnt when younger, a well-earned rest.

? I most royally shall now to bed

To sleep off all the nonsense I?ve just said?

All of the cast are immensely talented; this reporter particularly enjoyed Ellis Pike?s performance in ?The Night I appeared as Macbeth? sketch, portraying an egotistical and vain actor. ?Othello in Earnest? a wonderful sketch which is familiar to all men trying to please the mother of the daughter they love, was wonderfully done by David Phipps-Davis and Sarah Humphreys. As an ensemble they pulled off ?Let?s do it?, a corruption of the Cole Porter song, giving rise to memorable quotes like, ??friends of the RSC do it, if they book in advance? and throughout the whole evening they were ably accompanied by Selwyn Tillett on the piano.

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Discussion about “Imperial Opera Presents: The Shakespeare Revue”

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Nov 16 2004 22:19

My sincerest apologies for not having published this sooner, I must admit that I received it from Mr Richmond, our culture editor, last Thursday but had other things on my mind.

Nov 17 2004 12:50

And what excuses do the other two editors have I wonder...

3. Sid   
Nov 17 2004 12:51

Andy, why didn't you take me along?

And the other editors, well one of them is on a farm and the other in a real farm.

4. Peter   
Nov 17 2004 13:37

Sorry for the off-topic message, but about a week ago I noticed some information on this site about an Internship Fair I wanted to attend and now it seems to have been pulled. Has it been cancelled or is it just a glitch?

Nov 17 2004 14:10

Unfortunately the article was only sent to Chris's personal account; not to the shared editors' address.

Anyone wishing to submit something urgent who does not have an account should submit their articles to .net, then whichever of us gets there first can sort it out.

The Internships Fair is indeed scheduled for next Wednesday. Now there's only a week to go, I'll see if anyone would like to write a feature on it.

Nov 18 2004 06:54

check you mailboxes soon and you'll find what i've been up to recently, including all this night....

Nov 18 2004 16:28

Peter - the internship fair is going ahead on the 24th - see today's Felix (page 2) for details.

8. Andy   
Nov 18 2004 20:16

Sid, I would have taken you along but I thought that the Guild's Office had power over you, and was forcing you to live there.

9. Sam   
Nov 20 2004 19:53

Hmmm, sound like a pretty good show. Quite frustating to only hear about it afterwards...

10. Dan   
Nov 21 2004 23:37

Sorry about that Sam! I was involved in this production, and it was indeed super. In future, I'll try and make sure Imperial Opera events are publicised better in college.

11. Sid   
Nov 22 2004 16:41

I live here out of my own accord, and plus they let me eat the sweets.

12. Dan   
Dec 02 2004 11:05

Catch the Shakespeare Revue in Budleigh Salterton, Devon, this Saturday 4th Decemeber!

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