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You Can?t Stop the Beat

Nov 29 2004 22:04
Ruth Davies
The evening of Sunday 28th and Monday 29th of November, DB's was the venue for this year?s MTSoc Revue.
The beat.....certainly wasn't stopping....

The Revue was entitled ?You Can?t Stop the Beat? and featured songs from ?Moulin Rouge?, ?The Nightmare Before Christmas?, ?South Park the Movie?, ?Avenue Q?, ?Hairspray? and ?Jerry Springer the Opera?.

Whilst the theme of the Revue was songs from television and film musicals, the different songs were in fact held together more by a story than by the theme. To aid the story (and to give opportunities for a few more comedic performances) the Revue included some limited dialogue between the numbers.

Prior to attending the performance, this reporter had been concerned that the crude nature of some of the songs would make them unacceptable out of their original context, (particularly ?Talk to the Hand? from ?Jerry Springer the Opera?). This was, however, overcome: both by the story which gave them context, and by the excellent performances.

All the songs in the show were extremely well performed. This reporter was particularly impressed by Delea Shand as Shawntel in ?I Just Wanna Dance? (also from ?Jerry Springer the Opera?), a demanding song which she carried off brilliantly; and also Eline Van Der Velden as Lucy in the song ?Special? from ?Avenue Q? who did the splits whilst singing!

The chorus were also excellent, singing very well and successfully doing a lot of choreography (although at times this suffered to maintain the quality of their singing). Indeed the whole show was well choreographed by Lucy Haken.

Other highlights of the show included Ruth Harries as Anya singing ?Once Upon A December? (from Anastasia) and ?One Day I?ll Fly Away? (from ?Moulin Rouge?), Tom Elliott singing about not wearing underwear and Simon Rawson in a fantastic purple/pink suit!

The only real problem with the show was the volume of the band which unfortunately, at times, drowned out the solo singers. This was particularly apparent when Seb Junemann (playing the male lead, Jack) was singing. This was a shame as his performance (when it could be heard) was very good.

The direction of the show was excellent, particularly in the seamless joins between the songs and inclusion of the chorus, and Dave Phipps Davies (the director) is to be congratulated.

?You Can?t Stop the Beat? has given MTSoc a fantastic start to the year and expectations will be high for their next production which is to be the musical ?Chess?, being performed February 22nd -26th. The initial meeting for anyone who wants to be involved with this will be on Tuesday 30th November at 7:30 in the UDH.

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Discussion about “You Can?t Stop the Beat”

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Nov 30 2004 02:26

You forgot to mention the desk fans used brilliantly in ?One Day I?ll Fly Away?.

2. Ruth   
Nov 30 2004 08:57

That's true there was excellent use of desk fans. However I was running on a bit so didn't include any more!

Dec 02 2004 00:55

Well done all, I saw both nights as I was doing the collection afterwards and I laughed my way through both of them. Also, rag made ?101, thanks everyone!

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