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East meets West 2005

Feb 19 2005 16:57
How the West was won! This years Indian Society's annual showcase was at the Barbican
Colour, Music, Dance, Frolics

The annual Indian societies' showcase - "East Meets West" was held at the Barbican on Friday night. The show is a variety song and dance affair which caters the best of both the east and west.

With around 200 participants and many more support crew including the ICU's very own DramSoc at hand, the event was certainly a great success. The efforts of the Indian Society were quite evident: with various dance routines and a central comic sketch parodying the "Lord Of The Ring" with certain "Goodness Gracious Me" characters providing some easy laughs.

The show is run annually and has become the flagship for one of Imperial College's largest societies. The show involved performances by other societies as well, including performances by "Funkology", the group renowned for its street-style dancing. Alongside more traditional dance and music ranging from Kathak dancing to Bhangra, the show also showcased the popular Bollywood tunes which certainly held the audience in awe.

Other notable parts were played by upcoming Urban music artiste Nathan as well as a couple of acoustic sessions with some very talented Imperial students. A fashion show with lots of glimmer coupled with what can certainly be classed as very energetic dancing routines made for an enjoyable evening.

The "East meets West" show was certainly impressive, purely on its grand scale, and the efforts made were clearly visible with what was a very professional show.

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Discussion about “East meets West 2005”

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Feb 21 2005 16:12

Did they manage to get out of the venue in time this year and avoid losing quite such a lot of money though?

Feb 21 2005 16:46

Well, the accounts suggest otherwise, yet as long as people enjoy themselves, I guess its well spent. And they did raise a lot of sponsorship and raised the profile of IC that little bit more.

3. cap   
Feb 21 2005 17:57

They were definitely out of the venue in time, infact they finished slightly ahead of schedule (by a minute or so) so top marks to Ku, Luca and their team for getting everything running so smoothly backstage.

4. ant   
Feb 21 2005 18:01

Sidd, you can't be basing that comment surely on the web accounts presently availiable?

If you look at them, of course none of the money from ticket revenue and sponsorship has even been processed yet. My sources have hinted that this years almost certainly broke even, just give them some time to process things before making assumptions.

And anyway I think it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening for all involved. Well done.

Feb 21 2005 20:26

I think you are right there ant, old records.

Anyways, did you here us cheer you on when you were on stage, for those brief moments the stage went dark.

6. ant   
Feb 22 2005 12:58

yeah i heard, brought a smile to my face everytime.

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