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EESoc Revue 2003

Mar 12 2003 23:18
The EESoc Revue is once again a massive hit, with staff and students showing off their talents.
A selection of the acts on show

Monday night saw the yearly production of the EESoc Revue, a variety show put on by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, produced and performed by students and staff. With dB's packed to the rafters with over 200 audience, 10 acts, 30 awards and 3 comp?res the night was long but quite simply the best show Engineering has seen in a while.

Nisa and Nirosh returned again to perform some great songs, with a band made up of Elec Eng talent, including Danny and Amine from Labs.

Amir and Ash came on next to perform a stunning rendition of the Britney Spears classic 'Hit Me One More Time'. The words were changed into a hilarious elec eng based hit.

In another Ronald Ng production starring Ned (winner of most alcoholic member of the Department), Will Lam (winner of most narcoleptic member of the Department), Akash and narrated by Suptasree Roy. Ron showed us the inner workings of the dark underbelly of the world of EEED females, Study groups and PhD students. Prof Peter Cheung was also precisely and scarily re-enacted by Tim Li.

In a two parter, based around the great 2nd year lab organiser Dr Papavassiliou (PapaV), the struggle of two 2nd years (Akash and Ash) to pass their lab oral was depicted. The guys realised that PapaV's Achilles? Heal was women, so they donned their best dress (maybe why Ash won joint sexiest female along with Olivia Bertalaso) with a batter of the eye lids and a bit of unshaven leg the A's rolled in...

Jane Horrell, accompanied on the keyboard by Dr Stathaki, performed a teary-eyed, jazz caf? version of 'That ole devil called love'.

The staff showed off their musical talents with a piece comprising of Prof. Spence, Jane Horrell, Dr Eric Yeatman, Dr Stathaki and PapaV. The song 'Something Stupid' was adapted to show the failings of a plagiarising student, who unfortunately lets slip their secrets...

Next to hit the stage was a production of 'D(i)R.T. Mack-Swelling's Equations', written and acted by Dr S Lucyszyn, as Mack himself and his lovely wife portrayed by Akash Gupta. Always on a knife-edge between humour and getting arrested, Dr Lucyszyn tantalised the audience with his racy jokes.

For the penultimate act, EEED's Greeks took to the stage to perform some traditional Greek Dancing, starring Dr Tania Stathaki (winner of the most quotable lecturer). The Greeks wowed us with there amazing dancing skills and then accepted the award for the loudest person in the Department, collectively won by 'The Greeks'.

The grand finale, organised by ISE, with stars from both the houses of ISE and EEE, was an adrenaline charged reproduction of RomEEE and JuISE. Well executed, and with a moral tale to indicate the future of Elec Eng, this play finished the Revue on a high note.

Other awards went to Prof Spence for being the most original lecturer, Dr Leaver for being EEED?s sexiest male and Prof Gibbon for being EEED?s best lecturer (yes we know he?s from the maths department). Thanks also goes to everyone who helped with tickets, production and the performance. Special thanks to Akash Gupta for being this year?s Revue Organiser.

Pictures and transcripts from the night will soon be on the EESoc website.

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Discussion about “EESoc Revue 2003”

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Mar 13 2003 00:47

Yeah, saw the Revue '03. Dang, that Ian Colledge guy was definately sumptin. He only made a brief apperance with just the two lines but carried the final act to sure success. I've got big plans for his acting carrear alongside Nicole Kidman.

Plenty of talent on show and another great review. Always good to see lecturers up there. Good job everyone! Looking forward to '04.

Off to drink some fodies.

Mar 13 2003 00:49

Sorry, Spielberg. Got plans for the '04 Revue.


Mar 13 2003 08:20

TIM*S: "The best performance of the best engineers at Imperial. Must See"

Well done to EESoc! (NB NOT the Environment and Ethics Soc)

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