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EESoc Revue 2004

Mar 08 2004 12:51
Sam Rorke
EESoc pulls off another great night of singing, dancing and madness
Photography at the EE Soc Revue is generally of a lower quality than the acts. (Photo: STOIC)

The annual EESoc Revue took place in dB?s last Tuesday, amid much hilarity and drunken foolery. The event is held in order for students and staff to show off their talent ? however questionable it may be ? to the 300 or so members of the department who turn out to have a laugh at their expense and this year was held together by comp?res Ovo Gharoro-Akpojotor and Claire Hao.

This year?s show kicked off with the lovely Sunny Bains singing a version of The Police?s ?Every Breath You Take?, aptly altered to reflect the anxiety involved in marking students? coursework. Remember, guys ? ?I?m assessing you?.

In a similar vein, later on in the programme, the superbly irreverent City & Guilds Famous Five performed an arrangement of ?The Lion Sleeps Tonight?, reflecting on all the opportunities for somnolence within the ?Mighty EE?. The act went on, despite rumours that lead ?singer? Shrenik Patel was still threatening to pull out at the eleventh hour.

There were many more ?serious? musical acts showing their talents on the stage throughout the evening, including the usual suspects (Danny Harvey & co.), plus some new faces. Whilst the musical quality of these acts was generally good, technical glitches meant that it was often difficult to pick out individual parts. In light of the nature of the event and the mood of the audience, this reporter feels that more light-hearted musical acts which reflect on the unique nature of the department are more suitable.

Comedy was also a prominent feature of the evening: ranging from the EEE vs. ISE ?University Challenge? sketch, with Ned ?Paxman? Lowe, highlighting some interesting gaps in the knowledge base of the two highly competitive courses to the ?Prof Idol? sketch, where students competed against each other to render the best impersonation of a lecturer. Best of all had to be Laetitia Morras?s impersonation of Tania Stathaki, who witnessed the performance stoically from the judging panel.

No Revue would be complete without dancing, and this one was no exception, with three such acts throughout the programme, notably the technically-demanding ?Funkology? routine.

The evening was wrapped up by ?Down Memory Lane?, a superb video of how lecturers used to look in days gone by (where did they get those photos from?!), with witty captions by Wally Sarwar.

Whilst the Revue was, as always, a great laugh, careful effort needs to be put into choosing the mix of acts with regard to the average student?s concentration span, as some acts were a little long this year, and the continuity was sometimes lost.

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Discussion about “EESoc Revue 2004”

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1. Ned   
Mar 08 2004 15:22

Sam, regarding concentration - you are anything but an "average student", so your opinion doesn't count :-p

Well done to everyone, once again EE proves that we rule!

2. Tim   
Mar 08 2004 16:46


No one from EE/ISE is standing for Guilds Exec....rather disappointing!

3. Nia   
Mar 08 2004 18:55

No, two from EEE are standing for Guilds Exec. As it mentions in my article.

4. Tim   
Mar 08 2004 20:10


Sunil and Sanjeev dont sit on Mgnt Ctte!!!

5. Sam   
Mar 09 2004 09:25

Ned - That's rich, coming from you ;-)

I think it's fair to say that the reign of the "EE Elite" in Guilds may be coming to an end.

Tim - small point: Sunil and Sanjeev have not yet been elected.

In the interests of fairness, I would like to point out that RON is standing for those (indeed all) positions too.

Mar 10 2004 21:32

Looks like our reign is coming to an end!....This is not good for EEE/ISE nor for the Union....I cannot simply imagine WE not running the union....What would happen without characters such as Shrenik, Matthew, and Sam (to name but a few)...

Conclusion: Don't expect so much from Guilds next year!

7. simon   
Mar 10 2004 22:49

i don't understand. why does such an irrelevant article get posted on live. can we stick to things remotely relevant in future?

8. amram   
Mar 10 2004 23:14

The style is poor, the injokes being about as funny as three jacks trying to organise a piss up in a brewery

It's just occurred to me that what's worse is I actually *read* that [email protected]!

9. Jack   
Mar 11 2004 08:26


Live is Run by CGCU.

Live has C&G and Imperial related news.

EESoc is a C&G club.

How can that possibly be irrelevant??

Y'all inbreeds!

10. Ned   
Mar 11 2004 11:47

You sad, sad people.

OK, I'm in an angry mood, but for fcuk's sake guys...

"why does such an irrelevant article get posted on live"

Compared to some of the s**te that normally gets discussed here, I can't believe anyone would say that!

This was a production, by REAL students, not by a bunch of pedantic wankers - and it deserves to be recognised as such.

The day when *some* people within Imperial realise that not everyone wants to sit around discussing constitutions, and that people can get interested in the Union through events like this, will be a great day for us all...

Do you think it's a coincidence that EE runs successful events, and also has the most positions up for grabs at the elections?

See the bigger picture you whining weasel of a man, or I will be the first in line to make sure that EEE breaks away from C&G and forms its own super-faculty!

So come on you spineless maggot, prove to me that this article shouldn't have been posted!

11. simon   
Mar 11 2004 12:46

oooh, i obvioulsy touched a raw nerve. my point is that this is not thespians weekly. live is meant to be a serious forum for articles written about serious issues affecting ic. this article is boring and extremely poorly written. i sometimmes wonder about the education people receive at ic. you don't have to agree with me but i think you should respect my right to my opinions rather than posting abusive messages which i think we could all agree have no place on live

12. Andrew   
Mar 11 2004 17:05

It seems that neds neural centers around his cerebral cortex have short circuited after apending too many hours in the EE apartheid building. Yes the one where students are banned from sitting down in the canteen! EE - runs the best events- well if you call symposia on "noise" exciting than maybe your'e right.

Obviously Union constitutions etc are much more important as they affect all students at all times. Indeed even Benjamin Franklin (the first electrical engineer) appreciated the importance and spent most of his time writing constitutions...

Today it seems that these engineers, whether Ned, rorke-porky or yehya ayash have decided to hijack live to further their own interest. The time has come for a change. Things can only get better. We have only just begun.

13. Jack   
Mar 11 2004 17:51


"It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt."

14. Jill   
Mar 11 2004 20:31

I think you mean quotation Jack.

15. Ned   
Mar 11 2004 22:59

Oh for the love of God.

In reverse order (from most irrelevant s**te to something resembling an answer).

Jill - What was the point? Were you trying to score points for the afterlife? The boundary between some verbs and nouns is blurring anyway ( and has been doing for a *long* time (Bill Bryson - Made in America, p23). Why latch on to this one noun, and not fight for all the others? Because it's the only one you know, and you wanted to feel superior; your GCSE English teacher probably mentioned this common error to you, and you stored it for future pedantry. Better go back to your Bumper Book of Grammar and look up 'idiom' and "Can't see the wood for the trees". Then you might understand that when you search for errors, you miss the big picture.

Andrew - If you think that EE don't run good events, then you either haven't been to one (in which case you can't comment) or you have, and have no frame of reference. Sure, EESoc can improve (who can't), but a lot of people put in a great deal of work to producing events that are unparalleled in C&G. Chem Eng are the only ones that come close.

Regarding symposia on noise - yeah, the last Christmas Dinner was pretty noisy - I think it was the copious quantities of alcohol consumed. Oh, you mean that kind of noise! Get a life. And anyway, if we did run a symposium on noise, and people turned up, then we are just serving our Dept better. Who are you to mock those that don't want to just get drunk?!

Of course constitutions are important. If you knew anything about me you would know that I am not someone who subscribes to the "Open the Union to all and get rid of all paperwork and make it easy for everyone to do everything and get rid of the hacks and make the world better and get rid of all meetings and let's get rid of the hierarchy within the Union and let's be free, and do what we wanna do and get loaded and have a good time and...". What I said was 'not everyone wants to sit around discussing constitutions'. So Live! should provide for all (and I think the new Culture section is excellent).

To claim Franklin spent most of his time writing constiutions is not acknowledging his contributions to the world, but your claim is even more strange than that - are you comparing the Constitution of the United States to that of *our* perfect Union? Come on man, get serious! Our constitution has purpose, and I truly appreciate the efforts of those that wrestle with it, but bringing up the USA is just mindless hyperbole.

"Today it seems that these engineers...have decided to hijack live" - Dude, take a history lesson. We didn't hijack Live! - we OWN it! The greatest people in Union politics (both faculty and College wide) within my Imperial lifespan (albeit this is only four years) have *all* been EEE (I am taking ISE under the EEE wing here). Live! was written by us. Get over it.

"The time has come for a change". What do you suggest? I look forward to some profound writing.

Most importantly, your answer had nothing to do with my question: why shouldn't the article have been posted? You just took the opportunity to have a dig, without adding anything to what I was asking about. And *that*, my fine feathered friend, is what is so sad about some people I have encountered here at Imperial. A complete lack of attention to the issue at hand, so you can assert your superiority. Maybe it's just because people here have an inferiority complex after being bullied at school for being smart. Or maybe it's just because you just have a little dick.

Simon - If you don't like the article, don't read it! It was pretty obvious what it was about from the title! The writing is fine, it serves its purpose. You say "i sometimmes wonder about the education people receive at ic" - not only is the writing in that sentence infinitely worse than anything Sam wrote, it leads me to two possible conclusions:

  • You applied to Imperial and got rejected, and now sit at home, bitter and twisted.
  • You applied to Imperial and got rejected, so had to go to Oxbridge and now you are looking for confirmation that you can be as small-minded as any Imperial person; perhaps even more so!

I do respect your opinion to post, just as you should respect Sam's opinion. Your move.

Mar 12 2004 00:04

Ned . A Poet once said "let us bury our guns instead of our children az let us try it until things will be good, let us conquer peace and not territories, Oh! Let us try until things are good"

Indeed let us not cheapen ourselves by entering into futile debates. Let us think of the dead in Spain. Let us remember. Let us pray. Let us all be friends. Let us all light a candle and live in a Live community of love peace and flower power...

Mar 12 2004 00:05

Tell me your not from the Lowe family of Franco-German academic fame?

18. Jill   
Mar 12 2004 00:09

It appears that Ned is Jack.


Indeed the Great English Professor John Nut once said " There is no such thing as a Quote. One may Quote something, but that which one quotes is a quotation" now sit down Pavan..

19. Ned   
Mar 12 2004 00:40

Will reply later - but trust me Jack is not me. I never post under a pseudonym.

Mar 12 2004 00:43
Mar 12 2004 00:55

I think you misunderstood the question.

I meant are you related to that wonderful master-teacher of the French and German languages?

Is lowe not a Germanic form of Levi?

22. Ned   
Mar 12 2004 01:03

I did understand, I was taking the piss.


I am related to a French professor (recently deceased) but that's a whole different story. As for your one - sorry I must disappoint, for I am not.

Lowe comes from Loewe (German). I could be wrong, but is Levi not Jewish (as in Old Testament). I don't know - Amram?

23. amram   
Mar 12 2004 10:21

Yes Geoffrey is confusing Lowe with Levy/Levi. Some people called Levy changed their name to Lowe in Germany.

Levy is one of the 12 tribes of Israel- the priestly tribe.

So what's all the fuss about EESOC revue?

24. simon   
Mar 12 2004 15:26

i cant believe the level of cheap insults that we see here. saying that if i dont like rorky's appalling composition skills i should simply avoid reading it is akin to saying that if i am unhappy with the council's services i shouldnt use them. no! on the contrary what i must do is raise my voice and seek to improve that which is sub-standard. if people like me, who speak for the silent majority, continie to rise up in this way then the world will be a better place and people like sam rorke will no longer be invited to write on forums such as these.

and for your information, i got into oxford but chose to come to ic to do maths because my fiancee was in medical school in london. as a noted social commentator once said "romeo and juliet would have split up of they hadn't have died"

25. Ned   
Mar 12 2004 15:37

But now you are shifting the goalposts.

"saying that if i dont like rorky's appalling composition skills i should simply avoid reading..."

is a completely different argument to:

"why does such an irrelevant article get posted on live".

If your problem was with Sam's writing, why didn't you say so at the beginning. My point all along was that it *is* relevant.

Why do you think that Sam shouldn't write on forums such as these? Do you honestly believe the writing to be so bad as to invite exclusion from posting? If so, you are a fool.

26. Jack   
Mar 12 2004 16:01

Amram, no fuss about the Revue. The Revue was an excellent production by the average Imperial student (sorry, not you Sam ;-).

Imperial students - well the special anal retentive, mindless clique - are on trial here. Moreover they should learn that Live journalists put in time and effort to write these articles and a little more respect for them would not go amiss. Just coming back and posting with 'Your grammar is poor.' is a great injustice to them and the image of Imperial. You should also note that Live journalists don't get paid to provide this service on the other hand councils do get paid to provide you with services.

simon you have still not said why the article should not have been posted, maybe you should just admit you were being a mindless moron??

Jill, I'm not Ned. But just for you another quote:

'In all matters of opinion our adversaries are insane.'

27. Jill   
Mar 13 2004 22:42

Are you calling me insane?

How dare you!

I will have you know that the short period i spent in Broadmoore was far more pleasurable than any day spent in Mech Eng. Although the new Tanaka building brings back fond memories of my time there...

28. Jack   
Mar 14 2004 09:56

There's only one way you could be insane and that would be to write for the readers of Live.

Sounds like you Jill?

29. Jill   
Mar 14 2004 10:13

I am perfectly sane now that i take my pills. For example I even voted for Mustafa in the elections.

Jun 13 2004 16:47

Gosh! Hasn't my article prompted alot of discussion! It's probably a bit late by now (I don't check Live! many times daily), but for what it's worth, I'm sorry about my bad compositions, etc. Whilst I consider my spelling and grammar to be acceptable, I have never bragged about my compositional skills.

I think that events such as the Revue merit Live! articles to be written about them; no-one else volunteered, and, since I was at the event, I volunteered.

As Jack correctly pointed out, I did spend time and effort on this article, and I did not get paid for it. I would appreciate it if comments (especially from people who choose to remain anonymous) could be kept to *constructive* criticism.

Closed This discussion is closed.

Please contact the Live! Editor if you would like this discussion topic re-opened.


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