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ICU Sabbatical Election not a Farce!

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Feb 15 2005 14:24

With only hours to go and relatively few complaints about candidates could the rest of the election proceed without problems?

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Feb 15 2005 15:26

An old elections saying:

"It ain't over until the fat returning officer sings."

Don't say the elections won't descend into facre, there's still time to go....

Feb 15 2005 15:37

I just hope the outstanding complaints are dealt with (or at least acknowledged) before results are announced.

Feb 15 2005 16:19

Complaints have to be acknowledged, in so far as candidates must sign their declarations, before results can be counted, so if you have an outstanding complaint you want to be addressed then I suggest you tell the other candidates for the position concerned.

Feb 15 2005 18:37

Piggot pls dont tell me u r planning on making these elections evem more difficult?!?!?!

i am a bit worried now.....

everyone pls just get on with it! its been one hell of a week! let it end in peace after all the bitching thats been going on!

Feb 15 2005 18:45

I am rather disappointed with the speed with which the complaint I raised about the elections has been dealt with (i.e. not at all).

And I gather that there is one complaint that has been outstanding since before nominations closed.

Perhaps the returning officer and elections committee are asleep...

Feb 15 2005 18:53

ummmmm, cant wait for thursday to come and this whole dam thing to be over, frankly i dont care anymore...

Feb 15 2005 21:26

Oliver, I think perhaps Agenda Item 12 of Thursday's Council Meeting may be in response to your complaint.

Unfortunately, while listed on the agenda, the item is not yet available to read (how unusual...) but as Thursday is after the proposed announcement of results this suggests that the interpretation is that there are not grounds for complaint, although I'm not sure where this would leave the election if results are announced on the grounds of such a constitutional interpretation and then Council choose not to accept that interpretation.

Feb 15 2005 21:57

Item 12 certainly relates to my complaint. However there were other issues over and above any interpretation in relation to that, which are of relevance. Even if the outcome of #12 would mean that the results should stand, these other issues may have some effect.

It's been *4 days* with no acceptable response.

Feb 16 2005 00:22

Complaints are being dealt with - and will be resolved before any count. Sorry, have a backlog of emails to send.

I have extended voting for 12 hours because of last-minute emails from people who couldn't vote because of password issues, etc (and because they opened late due to technical issues).

If you haven't voted you have until noon today, Wed 16 Feb. Vote now.

Feb 16 2005 09:33

Thanks for the fast response. For the record on Live!, I now consider myself to have received an appropriate communication.

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