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Voting Still Open for Guilds and PhysSci

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Mar 14 2005 15:29

Voting has been extended to 6pm tonight for CGCU and Engineering DepSoc elections; the deadline remains at midnight for PhysSci.

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Mar 14 2005 15:48

Further to the article, PhysSci results will be announced at our results party from 7pm in the Union bar on Tuesday. ?2 gets you free beer, donuts and soft drinks. We will also be presenting the very first PhysSci colour awards ever.

Voting has not been extended per se for Physical Scientists, the plan was always to keep voting until 23:59 tonight. You can vote online at candidate manifestoes are also available at

Mar 14 2005 19:04

Legal threat? what happened ? sounds interesting...

3. ant   
Mar 14 2005 19:17

what is the fashion with disturbing my nice evenings drinking...

Mar 15 2005 01:06


Wish the returning officer had alerted me so I could have campaigned and got some votes.

Mar 15 2005 10:38

Well haven't you done enough campaining already with putting flyers to all the computer labs? Is that even within union election regulations?

Mar 15 2005 13:16

I thought that Mustafa ruled that it was within the rules. He didn't regard computers as ballot boxes and I believe the candidates that did that in the Presidential elections didn't have problems (even though a complaint was raised).

Mar 15 2005 14:22

The individual in question was fined, I believe.

Mar 15 2005 22:20

the complaint was raised because the flyers were stuck to the moniters of computers, not just being in the lab.

The constitution mentions computers discretely from ballot boxes, so campaigning at/on them is entirely legal, although in my opinion as the computers were functoining as ballot boxes, wrong.

Mar 16 2005 09:01

Last year, we did actually rule that computers were to be considered as ballot boxes. So one would have thought the precedence would be allowed to continue.

10. Bob   
Mar 16 2005 21:30

See Tafa's consitutional interpretation from Tuesday's abandoned Council...

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