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C&G Election Results

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Mar 15 2005 13:20

Tuesday lunchtime saw the announcement of election results at the C&G AGM

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Mar 15 2005 14:19

Congras to Big Nose!!

2. Bob   
Mar 15 2005 15:50

Unlucky Sanjeev. I thought you would have made a decent presidet. Congratulations to eveyone else though. If you need any help I have the number for a good shrink...

3. tom t   
Mar 15 2005 15:57

Ms Latif is not a bad choice. Straightforward and honest. Mr Sarda would have been an utter disaster and the electorate knows it.

good work guilds and unlucky Sid!!

Mar 15 2005 16:50

For a full list of those elected (including a breakdown of the vote for the Central Union Officers), please goto the website elections pages .

Mar 15 2005 19:55

lol, Big Nose.

Congratulations Latif and all the other winners of this year's election!

Mar 16 2005 09:29

Thank you Tammy and co. :)

I have a couple of things I?d like to say:

Firstly, sorry I wasn't at the AGM - I was in an exam. I wasn't being bad with my timing, despite what you all think! :P

Secondly I'd also like to congratulate everyone that did get elected! You have no idea what you're getting yourselves in to...

Commiserations to those that didn't get elected. I hope this doesn't stop them from getting involved next year. C&G relies solely on its volunteers and their contribution doesn?t go unnoticed. On that note, congratulations to all colours winners!

With regards to the election, I?m a little disappointed with the turnout. I blame ICU and their permanent online elections. Hmm, the ICU bashing?s already started...

Mar 16 2005 09:51

Ah but wasn't the choice of election system down ultimately to the Returning Officer?

Mar 16 2005 10:30

Sorry for the delay in expanding upon the article, Internet Explorer has taken a violent dislike to our Admin pages and I can't install Firefox onto a College computer.

Mar 16 2005 13:55

Turnout has increased. This year turnout in the engineering faculty was 22.3%. Last year it was 20.4% and the year before 20.0%. Although this year the management school were allowed to vote for the first time ever and turnout there was pathetic.

Unfortunately, ICU's turnout this year was 22.4% - and so for the first time in years we have fallen behind them, albeit by a tiny, tiny amount (40 odd votes?)

Accumulated votes increased by 40% in two hours following the personalised email - without that email the turnout would have been disasterous.

And Simon, yet again you have got your facts completely wrong. The choice of voting system was agreed by the C&GCU Executive (twice, as the first time I sought approval we were inquarate)

10. Yun Ju   
Mar 16 2005 16:11

Congratulations to new exec committee members! Hope you all have a great easter and happy revision :p

Mar 16 2005 16:56

Then I stand corrected! (afterall it was a question).

The main point was to say that ICU didnt force you to use online voting.

Mar 16 2005 17:20

What are the figures then? How many people voted?

And business school students have always been able to vote (at the Mech Eng ballot box) and, yes, turnout there has always been pathetic. This is partly because the union doesn't do anything for them and partly because we can't elect their direct reps then because they are mostly on a 1 year MBA course...

Mar 16 2005 19:07

Voting figures etc will appear in a forthcoming article about the agm

14. Pan   
Mar 17 2005 16:44

will sanjeev visit civil to remobe all his posters?

15. Reader   
Mar 17 2005 19:31

So is there an article on the election coming then?? It was _days_ ago!

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