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Noises Off

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Mar 16 2005 13:46

Monday 14th March was the first night of DramSoc?s latest play, ?Noises Off? by Michael Frayn.

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Mar 17 2005 00:09

97 tonight..mondays are just c**p anyway!!

Mar 17 2005 12:11

Go see it, its great!

Mar 17 2005 12:30

We apologise to the reporter for the slight delay in starting on the first night, which was due to circumstances beyond our control? I?m beginning to feel like Tim. Tonight is the last night, so come and see it.

4. Ruth   
Mar 17 2005 14:27

I am glad lots of people came last night and I hope that EVERYONE ELSE in college comes tonight. It's very good you know...

Mar 17 2005 15:00

To be honest looking at my ticket reservation chart, I think all of college is!!!

6. Ruth   
Mar 17 2005 16:57

Good. Must be my article providing you with publicity!

7. Ruth   
Mar 17 2005 16:58

You notice that I have just got you back to the top of the discussion board by posting again?

Feb 05 2007 20:43

Where did you get your set from?? We are a theatre company in Yorkshire who want to do this play but not sure where to hire the set....did you hire it or construct it yourselves?

9. Neil   
Feb 05 2007 21:03


The set was designed and built by dramsoc for the production. We may still have the designs around if you are interested in building instead of hiring.

10. joan   
Jul 13 2007 06:49

so need help in designing the set-can you help

Jul 14 2007 16:41

I was the set designer for Noises' Off. If you want to know more about the design then feel free to email me

Jul 17 2007 04:38

i would be so very grateful for any help re set

Nov 17 2008 21:02

I'm doing a performing arts course and am putting on a production of 'Noises Off' next year, we are planning set but getting stuck, the space we have is huge however our budget is not, but we are fundraising to solve this issue. do you have any ideas, contacts or websites i can visit to continue this process and create a set similar to every production of the performance. please help!

14. Eugene   
Nov 19 2008 00:23

you should get in touch with Imperial College Dramatic Society (google them) directly as they have a lot of experienced amateur set builders and tech crew

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