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Charing Cross Hospital Faces Closure ?

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Apr 11 2005 13:30

The Observer reported today that CX Hospital, where hundreds of medics are taught each year, faces closure due to mounting debts

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1. yay   
May 05 2005 00:14

Let's get rid of those medics who give Imperial a bad name with their unnecessary sense of self-importance.

2. ...   
May 05 2005 16:32

Haven't most of them graduated? The bunch I know are as nice as anyone else

Apr 17 2012 20:50

IT'S ABSOLUTELY APPALLING that Charing Cross or Hammersmith A&E face closure. It is ridiculous to suggest that 'things will be streamlined' at Chelsea and Westminster and therefore the service will be better being centralised in a unit of specialism... absolute bloody nonsense. In a city like London with a very high density population it is NOT realistic to expect residents to have to travel long distances to A&E. Minutes costs lives and we all know it can take 2 hours to get from Hammersmith Flyover (right next to Charing Cross) to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital ... just 3 or so miles further into central London and further into the general rubbish traffic gridlock.

I am very saddened by this government and health services are a major vote swinger for me. The government (and not just this one) has continued to present a pathetic 'slash' the budget approach. Total bloody rubbish. Maybe they need to slash the budget for all the migrants who get translators free (that is not a racist comment ... no other country offers this service). What ever happened to all the tough comments by the government about all the people who abuse the system and cost it squillions every year. They have not done one damn thing to readdress these problems and instead they think closure is the answer. Pathetic.

For God's sake ... address the real issues. Create a subsidised system based on income like is Australia but don't slash it up just because the government is totally inept at balancing the books.

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