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Talking so much, saying so little

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Apr 25 2005 22:32

Today's talk by the Deputy Rector to Wye students left more questions than answers, but at least seemed honest.

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Apr 26 2005 12:09

Bye bye to the campus in wye,

The end of bio sci is nearly nigh,

Like Southside you'll be gone by July,

Just let the old friend die,

Just stop researching those flies.

Apr 26 2005 12:26

Yes but unfortunately they're keeping bio sci in south ken(?!?)

3. bms   
Apr 26 2005 12:36

Pig (you certainly are), Do you often let old friends die?

Do you let them die of cancer or hereditary disease? as you say to stop researching flies but work on Drosophila is the basis of much modern genetics.

Do you let them starve? as you seem to think farming research is pointless too.

Apr 26 2005 13:34

I let them die of ternminal cancer, on the basis that I don't have the ability or option to cure it for them so have little option.

5. bms   
Apr 26 2005 13:59

"I don't have the ability or option to cure it"

yet you tell poeple to stop doing research that might lead to more cures.

don't suppose that's what they do at wye, (didn't know flies were a farm animal anyway), but thats the 'researching those flies' we do, we'd have no idea about developmental genetics without the work on Drosophila.

6. ...   
Apr 26 2005 15:53

Great idea for increasing university funding... take over the other universities and close them down

7. hmm   
Apr 26 2005 16:44

Nice idea, ... , but UCL realised on time.

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