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Tube strike set to cause exams chaos

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Apr 23 2001 14:52

RMT call strikes for start of IC examinations session.

Apr 23 2001 18:26

We have exams in Mech Eng as well, but hey, noboby gives a shit about us anyway.

Apr 23 2001 23:57

Don't Mech Eng exams start in week 5 (after the strikes)? All my Mech Eng friends seem to think they do.

Apr 24 2001 09:50

3rd and 4th year Mech Eng exams (i.e. those you can't take resits for) are in the first three weeks of term, but who cares about Mech Eng anyway?

Apr 27 2001 10:32

First and Second Year Biochemistry and Biology students had the same thing during their exams in 1998, and definitely no-one cared then.

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