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Mishmash - A Mostly Harmless Column

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Apr 26 2001 16:47

Silly Names; Library Profiting from Students; ICU Carnival Losses; IC4 Tackle Apathy; Brain For Hire

Apr 27 2001 10:28

Examples of how the library would use the profits from the photocopying and printing I'm sure would include keeping the central library open an exrta 12 hours a week next academic year hmmmmmmm

The electronic journals, another one I sure the Pro Rectors are too mean to fund

But you would know that being an Acting Academic Affairs Officer

2. Sam   
Apr 27 2001 10:44


There comes a point in the planing of any event, where it would cost more to pull the event than it would to run it at a slight loss. Certain costs were committed, and by the time it was realised how unusually low the ticket sales were, we had booked some acts, booked the draping etc. We maintain that we made less of a loss by running the Carnival than we would have done by pulling it.

Apr 27 2001 21:49

Since Kevin orginally prepared this for Felix (or at least showed me a hard copy a few days ago which he said he was sending to John); I guess we have to choose between two possible conclusions:

  • Kevin has been sacked from Felix (again)
  • there won't be a Felix on Monday

Somehow, I think the latter is more likely...

Apr 28 2001 14:06

I believe that access to electronic journals and reasonable opening hours are essiential core services of a university library.

I don't think the library should be making a profit from photocopying and printing whatever they're going to spend it on.

As for Felix - Yet again the issue is not even planned to come out on Monday.

Apr 28 2001 18:13

To be honest, its hardly surprising that the library make a profit on photocopying. They seem to be using the same Xerox copiers on maintenance contracts as the rest of College - and yet the price they charge is twice that of the DocuCentre on the Walkway.

Apr 29 2001 16:06

According to Mustafa they charge twice the amount that DocuCentre do at the same cost to them. If that is any where near accurate how on earth do they only manage to make a profit of one third on takings? Assuming that DocuCentre only breaks even then the Library should be making 50% profit!! Given that one would expect DocuCentre to make a profit the library should be making more than ?30,000 not ?20,000! I can't help wondering where that ?10,000+ is going.

May 02 2001 13:36

Yeah, we were due to come out yesterday, but the print shop closed due to "civil unrest". When it does arrive it could take me a little longer to deliver as I got beaten up by riot police while photographing police hitting peaceful demonstrators with batons for next week's Felix! Sorry guys, what can I say?


May 02 2001 16:09

How about you do what you're paid for instead of going on anti-capitalist riots?

May 02 2001 17:10

Well Heepsie, what I do in my free time is my own business, and I was there to cover it as a news story (part of my job) anyway. How about if you stick to trying to become a doctor rather than spending all your time as a union hack?

May 03 2001 08:32

The day I see Felix appear at all the main campuses, I'll be out of the Union like a shot. You may be pleasantly surprised next Thursday...

May 04 2001 18:53

I notice that the comment on ICU in the mishmash column above was censored before Felix made it to print...

May 04 2001 20:57

If you read some (very old Mishmash's) from last year, you'll find Kevin complaining about John C promising to be "soft" on the Union and planning to "give the sabbs some space".

13. stef   
May 08 2001 13:32

I think its the Mish Mash in the very last issue of Summer 2000 Mustafa.

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