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"Serious assault" in Union

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Apr 30 2001 18:11

Police appeal for information following “incident” at Easter Carnival.

May 01 2001 09:47

I hope that when the culprit is found, it is not discovered to be a student. If it is, I hope that the Union and College do not allow this to rest purely with the police. Full Union and College Disciplinary action must be taken - not just licensees action - a students' union is meant to be somewhere where you can go and be safe, for God's sake. It is outrageous that this can happen. Where were security? Where were the stewards? If it happened in the Union Building, then serious questions need to be asked.

If ICU isn't safe, where is?

2. sam   
May 01 2001 12:01

to answer your question Mr Heeps:

sadly very few places, of which i would still rate ICU as one.

We have the best stewards and best procedures around, it may not have been enough on this occasion, but i like to think this building is one of the safest student unions in the country.

May 01 2001 13:44

Tell that to the victim.

May 01 2001 18:44

I suspect that the reported poor turn out probably made it easier for this sort of thing to happen. I can quite imagine that the assault was opportunitic when the victim was in a not-so-busy part of the building.

May 02 2001 21:28

Opportunic or not Andy's point still stands. The SU is supposed to be a safe place. It wouldn't surprise me if ICU don't take any action until the criminal process has run its course, however an investigation should still be run, if nothing else to see how to prevent any future serious assaults.

6. Anon   
May 02 2001 21:28

I was at the Carnival on the last night of term and I would lke to say that the Union stewards did the best they could. At the time everybody was in the concert hall and so the majority of the stewards seemed to be there. Unfortunately, whilst they were dealing with drunk people climbing on speakers and the such like, they couldn't be in all places at once. It was a very sad incident and my thoughts are with the victim as I am sure evreybody elses are. This is the first time there has been a "serious incident" in the Union so I would still class it as a safe place and I think the stewards should be congratulated on how they handled the situation.

May 03 2001 08:30

I hate to disagree (I really do) - but it was one of the quietest carnivals in years. If much bigger events can be be well stewarded, so can these. I am NOT saying that it is the stewards fault that this incident occurred, and my thoughts are with the victim - but we cannot put this down to being a one-off event.

Simply, the Union was not safe on the night in question.

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