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Corker of a Careers Fair

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Oct 19 2005 15:37

Tanaka and Mech Eng have been a hive of activity during the City and Guilds and Careers Service careers fair.

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Oct 23 2005 15:16

Awesome fair - I had my doubts, but I was totally prooved wrong. Welldone to Ann and the other volunteers.

2. Sam   
Oct 23 2005 23:46

Well, it wouldn't be the first time would it Sanjeev...

Oct 24 2005 08:04

Shame about the absolute tip that the Mech Eng foyer was left in for anyone else that was expected to use it that evening....

Oct 24 2005 09:08

About half a dozen students spent two hours cleaning the mech eng foyer after the event. It may not have been entirely spotless but it was certainly a big improvement on what was there before...

Oct 24 2005 13:26

Well the fact remains that when making bookings one is expected to return the booked space to it's original state if I am not mistaken.

If the number of students tidying was insufficient for this within the available timeframe then I would suggest that quite frankly it is nothing more than a lack of proper planning.

Oct 24 2005 13:42

But wasn't half the organisation of this event with the careers service? Part of teh tidying should hve been done by the college and not just by Guilds monkeys.

7. Ruth   
Oct 24 2005 16:56

That's not really the point is it Observer. Whether it's Guilds people or Careers people, they organised the event between them so should also have organised for the room to be cleared up properly. The point is that someone who was connected with the fair should have cleared up after, not Event Monkey who, I assume, was using the same room in the evening for a different event.

Speaking as soneone who often has to use rooms other people have used earlier in the day, it's not fun clearing up other people's mess. For instance I'm on the choir comitee and last Thursday the Hall hadn't been cleared after the external event that had been on in the Hall during the day so we spent the time we'd intended to use for other things clearing the hall so it was in a usuable state. In this case it was a Conferences problem as the event on during the day had been external but the same applies to everyone who books a room in college.

Nov 01 2005 11:54

We offered to clear the mess on the floor after the fair but were told by conferences not to and that they would do it. Next year we will ensure it is done promptly!

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