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Bolt back from the dark knight

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Nov 15 2005 09:36

Live! learns that Bolt has been liberated in a dusk raid last night

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1. Sam   
Nov 23 2005 18:37

I am not a classicist, but as those of you who read or watch Yes Minister well know, the Trojan Horse was in fact full of Greeks.

The leader of those Greeks was Agamemnon, so really, the leader of the Mascotry Team which is in no way connected to CGCU should be Agamemnon or King of the Mycenae rather than "King of Troy" who was at that time Priam I and hardly in control of the Trojan (Greek) Horse otherwise he wouldn't have allowed it to be filled with Greek soldiers who attacked his city.

Nov 23 2005 19:32

Very true - I have taken the title from my predecessor - Mr Barry Edmonstone.

I however will be reverting to Agamemnon from now on.

As everyone also knows the Greeks were by far the most succesfull group in this era, with Alexander conquering most of the known world at that point. Very similar to Guilds! MUHAHAHA

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