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Miners Left in the Dark

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Nov 18 2005 08:55

For the first time in living memory, the Davy lamp has been violated!

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Nov 18 2005 09:38

Mascotry is dead, huh?

On another note, it appeared to be the soon-to-be NatSci Bar Night last night, and I'm guessing they were without their mascot?

Nov 18 2005 09:46

I always thought Davy was inviolate (can't be taken). However I suppose since RSM took Spanner, and you cannot take part in Mascotry unless you have a violate mascot, they must have made Davy violate.

Good to see some inter-ccu rivalry back on the cards - and I guess RAG are loving these demands...

3. Pikey   
Nov 18 2005 09:58

You shall not succeed my dear chums! You shall not succeed. We will reclaim our Davy, when we can be bothered. Good byeeee.

Nov 18 2005 20:20

Old Lag -- indeed, last I heard Davy was well and truly inviolate (and hadn't been violate for a very long time!)

Maybe the Miners would like to comment?

Nov 28 2005 16:32

Firstly since spanner was taken by the RSM I think those involved pretty much made Davey violate. Stupid or not of them depends on your point of view.

What IS stupid is that Davey, whilst stolen from the RSM was found to be stored (among other places) in the kitchen of an RSM hockey player. Now what did you really expect to happen? This valiant hockey player subsequently did the RSM proud by getting it back to the RSM under his own steam. (no mean feet may I tell you, its pretty damn heavy). Nice try C&G but you really are a screw loose if you thought you could get away with that!


OH RSM.....

Nov 28 2005 18:18

Of course the RSM could have claimed their Davy back a few days earlier...

Apparently the Davy was on show at an alumni event on saturday in the SCR. The Davy Bearer, no less, was working in the SCR bar that during that event. Inspite of being within several feet of the Davy, he never quite managed to see it!

Oh RSM...

Sep 26 2007 16:57

First time in living memory?

Did I imagine driving away from the mines building with a large brass lamp in the back of my car in 1988?

But then, of course, I was part of the RCSU mascotry organisation......

Sep 26 2007 17:07

I think perhaps "living memory" meant "as far as anyone in the Guilds office can remember". After all, once you leave the place you may as well be dead...

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