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Election Farce Over (For Now)

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Nov 26 2005 21:19

ICU have announced the results of the elections to union council.

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Nov 27 2005 13:40

Gerald has neglected to mention that RON beat all of the other candidates and so ICU will be running elections for those vacant ordinary member positions at the next council meeting.

Nov 27 2005 18:16

Indeed, many appologies for missing that out. It was not made entirely clear on the copy of the results I was sent. Us ameoba's have very small brains and so cannot think of everything.

3. Ant   
Nov 27 2005 22:13

I was procrastinating and therefore ended up reading ICU regulation 2 - Elections and referenda.

From my brief flick through it would appear we've actually breached point 32 "The Union's delegates for the University of London Union's Council will be the President and those Deputy Presidents whom Council request to go. The remaining delegates shall be elected at the first Council of the year by and from the Full membership."

Unless council or whoever voted to suspend this regulation...

Nov 28 2005 12:56

Hmm, I thought that last year when the Union switched to OM's being elected by secret ballot, and abolished the AGM, the other posts were also covered- but in the version of the Constitution in the resource book, reg.2 section 25 still mentions central non-sabbatical officers being elected at the AGM. Either these slipped through the net during the constitutional change, or they're in a different part of the minutes and so they've just been missed out when updating the resource book. I shall check through the papers this evening.

Nov 29 2005 09:44

So do we get to know the full results count?

Nov 29 2005 12:53

The full result spread sheet contains all the candidates and is quite omplicated and confusing so it was decided not to try and put all the data here.

If you wish to see the data I am sure ICU will provide you with a copy.

Nov 29 2005 13:10

I'd be interested to know by how much RON beat the other candidates...

Nov 29 2005 13:42

Reading , I'm very impressed with the quality of the investigation. If you haven't read it yet, I urge you to read it before drawing any conclusions based solely on the reporting in Live! and Felix.

9. Sam   
Nov 30 2005 20:53


"The Union's delegates for the University of London Union's Council will be the President and those Deputy Presidents whom Council request to go."

I am joyously able to claim particular credit for this wonderful piece of legislation. I was the particular Deputy President who didn't want to go in the first place so they made it a Regulation that if Council asked, I had to be the delegate. I love politics, it's always so relevant to today's youth.

Luckily being mandated to be the Delegate and actually attending the meetings do not always go hand in hand.


Dec 02 2005 14:07

That paper has gone Ashley - I guess I'll never know how thorough the investigation was.

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