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Sinfonietta In Concert

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Dec 08 2005 15:46

This Autumn's offering from Imperial's very own Sinfonietta

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Dec 08 2005 15:59

Not another one!

Dec 08 2005 16:01

Indeed, culture articles keep being written so they keep being put up on the site.

If you care to write anything else I'd be glad to publish it within reason.

Dec 08 2005 16:30

There was a time when editors used to look for news stories and follow leads, follow events and discussions of the union and not just press a few buttons.

Dec 08 2005 17:07

Yes engineer, although even editors have a finite amount of time with academic work commitments, I do accept your point.

Live! has always relied on a base of reporters writing articles. The editors have written a number of articles on various subjects this term but cannot come up with all the articles. Currently our very efficient culture editor has been ensuring as many as possible of the end of term concerts etc have been reviewed which is why there has been so many articles of that type.

However rather than random anonymous characters complaining, they are welcome to submit a motion of no confidence to the C&G Exec if they feel they can do a better job.

5. Dan   
Dec 08 2005 17:30

Maybe the editor would like to say who he is rather than hiding behind his pseudoname.

Dec 08 2005 17:39

Good evening Mr Lehman

I was not hiding behind the editor alias, however we have generally adopted the practice of officially responding to comments on behalf of Live! using that alias so as to keep our own names for times when we wish to make non-official comments or state opinions.

Dec 09 2005 09:01

Further to Duncan's post using the editor's alias is not exactly hiding. It could only be one of 2 people the names of which are freely available. The email address supplied is also valid so contacting us is not a problem.

As Duncan states, Our own names are for when we want to show our oppinion and the editor name is for when we are acting in an official capacity.

Dec 11 2005 17:23

You would probably note that due to term structure, there is less news and more culture towards the end. Its just the way things work.

Dec 12 2005 14:07

"Engineer": Yes, more concerts. I've played in 5 this week. 'tis the season. If you can track down someone who went, you could have a review of the ULSO (University of London Symphony Orchestra) Concert as well.

Would like to add that this concert saw Sinfonietta's largest audience for several years, possibly indicating that engineers are becoming more cultured...

In future, any owners of mobile phones going off in concerts will be obliged to take a bow at the end, and buy the entire orchestra a drink.

PS. The picture at the head of the article is in fact in Vienna, and was extremely cold.

10. Ruth   
Dec 12 2005 14:19

Oops, I thought it was Bratislava. Will get the editor to change the caption accordingly.

11. Editor   
Dec 12 2005 15:50

In a bout of unusual efficiency an editor has preempted Ruth's emailing and the caption has been corrected.

12. Ruth   
Dec 13 2005 11:14

oooooooooh, how efficient of you my dear...

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