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Up, Up and Away

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Dec 10 2005 18:35

Work on the Bessemer building has reached a key stage, with the assembly of a giant crane

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Dec 10 2005 20:19

Apparently, it was part of Guild's plan to steal Davy once again.

Dec 11 2005 12:09

Sorry if other people have noticed and just not thought it news-worthy, but - IC to leave UL?

Dec 11 2005 14:22

Yes, but it's been reported to death already - in Felix, in national newspapers, on TV..

Its a welcome change NOT to hear more about it from a media outlet

Dec 11 2005 17:12

I wouldn't consider it news exactly... it was hardly like we weren't expecting it!

5. Arts   
Dec 13 2005 11:59

As the lorries were parked waiting to for their loads to be assembled, a gleeful traffic warden was seen writing tickets for all the lorries....

Dec 13 2005 13:00

Live! is a media outlet? That's generous.

7. anon   
Dec 13 2005 19:05

Sayin Sanjeev is worth listening too would be more generous.

8. Chris   
Dec 13 2005 19:07

According to the Project Manager only one lorry got a ticket because he was slightly outside the area that was reserved from them, also, 4 residents cars got towed away for ignoring the parking restriction, hehehe.

Dec 14 2005 14:41

traffic wardens are the Robin Hoods if South Ken - the money they take off the rich folk living around college is going into pedestrianisation of Exhibition road - something we should be massive supporters of (less pollution - nice-looking etc). i think.

Dec 14 2005 18:32

Or maybe not, traffic fines go to the private company who pay the council for the license to run the parking in the area, hence the huge increase in tickets issued in recent years.

Tfl is paying for Exhibition Road, traffic fines will be paying for none of it, just the government and Mayor's office.

11. tom t   
Dec 14 2005 19:00

not true

Westminster runs it's own parking enforcement, because, err, it's a massive revenue generator. They probably require their wardens to award a minimum number of tickets per shift (as do Lambeth) or pay the wardens a 'performance related' pay (ie more tickets, more pay). I believe it's such a big number (like 150m) that they've become addicted to the parking tax. Personally I think they should automatically ticket chelsea tractors just for being such anti-social machines. Maybe when I leave Imperial I'll start issuing tickets for a living....

Dec 15 2005 08:24

It's too lucrative a 'business' to outsource isnt it. Bit like congestion charging - why'd they want to sell off something that makes money? Nothing better than seeing a traffic warden booking some ditsy's Land Rover - usually end up crying into their fur coat and cursing the day Ken Livingstone was born.

Dec 19 2005 22:28

Have they built a new building, or is it actually the Bessemer Building that you are talking about?

Dec 20 2005 10:31

Bessemer is getting a shiny new glass facade by the walkway and undergoing refurbishment. It's part of the creation of some multi-million pound institute of <something>.

15. Sam   
Jan 01 2006 20:54

IOBE or summat - Institute of BioEngineering

Basically all the BioEng that's scattered around College is going to be consolidated in Bessemer

Jan 03 2006 16:42

The shiny new glass on the building can now be seen!

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