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Tim Clark to return to South Ken

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May 04 2001 20:59

Student-friendly Pro-Rector will take new admissions role on return from Wye.

May 04 2001 22:22

Isn't this guy a medic?

May 05 2001 00:21

The loss of Tim Clark as Pro Rector (Educational Quality) was one of Lord Oxburgh's biggest errors. Prof Clark (yes, Mr Kewl, a medic) was described by me during my time at ICU as THE student champion at Imperial College. That he is returning to South Kensington, and heading up the admissions team is indeed good news. I suggest Sen Ganesh make an appointment to meet the man as soon as possible.

Sep 14 2001 19:34

Is this the Timothy John Hayes Clark, who was appointed as the Dean of National Heart and Lung Institute in 1990?

Sep 17 2001 10:43


Sep 17 2001 10:44

Explantion: The National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI) merged with St Mary's some time ago... (i.e. before the mega-merger with CXWM) - methinks.

I'm sure Andy Heeps will clarify...

Sep 17 2001 11:21

Did somebody mention my name? I'm 82, you know...

OK -

1907 - Imperial College of Science and Technology

1988 - St Mary's Hospital Medical School merges with ICST, forming Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

1990 - Professor Tim Clark becomes Dean of the National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI), a postgraduate associate of the University of London

1995 - the NHLI merges with St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, forming the Imperial College School of Medicine at each site. Prof Clark becomes Deputy Principal of ICSM.

1997 - Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School and the Royal Postgraduate Medical School merge with ICSM at NHLI and ICSM at St. Mary's to form ICSM. Prof Clark becomes Pro Rector (Educational Quality)

2000 - Wye College merges with ICSTM. Prof Clark appointed Provost of Imperial at Wye.

2001 - New Rector, New College. Position of Provost abolished; Prof Clark returns to South Ken as Pro Rector (Admissions)

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