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RAG Week Lifts Off

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Feb 13 2006 18:00

A warning to the masses, RAG week has started

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Feb 13 2006 23:42

Just to clarify from a discussion held earlier this evening, I have been led to believe that the key to release Mr Singh from Spanner wil be an item at the Slave Auction, can anyone confirm if this will be the case?

Feb 14 2006 08:53

I think an emergency guilds meeting is required, to declare Sid a violate mascot whilst he is attached to spanner.

3. Hmm   
Feb 14 2006 17:10

It could only happen in C&G.

It's Valentine's day, there's a room full of men, a girl walks in and they all start drooling... over the box of doughnuts in her hand!

4. Sid   
Feb 14 2006 17:45

They were from Krispy Kreeme - The Assorted Sort.

Feb 14 2006 19:23

What is this girl thing... Atleast with donuts they understand what they are getting!

Feb 14 2006 20:05

To all those engineer bashers I'd like to say 2 things.

1) Some of us have girlfriends and have done for a long time.

2) If you want to see sad lonely men surely Life Sci and Phys Sci are the places to look.

Feb 14 2006 20:09

Ohh, that's below the belt.

Feb 14 2006 20:46

Mr Jackson's definition of "long" has been known to differ somewhat from other people's accepted definition...

Feb 17 2006 18:39

I can't wait to hear about the mad goings on this week - some of us can unfortuanately only experience it through third parties.

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