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ArtsFest 2006

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Feb 15 2006 21:51

Live! presents a round up of a week of culture from ArtsFest 2006.

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1. Kate   
Feb 15 2006 22:20

Come on controversy!!

Feb 16 2006 00:43

Your author name has an ampersand in it "Ruth Davies & Kate Sloyan". - This breaks the feed Live! serves out to other sites because no-one envisaged an author with an ampersand.

Try this in FireFox:

Sadly, that's about as contraversial as it gets unless some pinko liberal pseudo-cultured muso comes along and starts picking apart the performances. Lets see if we can draw them out eh?

Feb 16 2006 08:56

You're imagining things Sam... ;)

4. Sam   
Feb 17 2006 00:05

Oh. My. God.

Changes in the Live! code... This hasn't happened in about 4 years - I feel we should have a parade or a party or something! Although I did think that when that dratted disclaimer appeared at the top/bottom of every page that radical changes like this couldn't be far behind!

Feb 17 2006 00:12

I accept no blame for the disclaimer... I may prettify it though (if such a thing is possible)

Feb 17 2006 08:56

The Live! code is indeed changing. Ashley is working his way through many changes, some that readers will notice, some that writers will notice and some that no one will notice but will help things run a lot more smoothly.

Watch this space!

Feb 17 2006 11:46

Sam: It happened last year too! (although not to the front end...)

magic eh ?

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