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Sole Presidential Candidate Withdraws

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Mar 09 2006 17:55

The not-so-hotly contested C&GCU elections took another turn for the worse this morning, with the only presidential candidate withdrawing.

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1. Dan L   
Mar 09 2006 19:52

The current CGCU President supplied the following press statement to Live! when asked:

"Its a dissapointment, but we understand he has his priorities and this highlights the further need for CGCU to have a full time sabbatical officer, the level of work and commitment is increasing all the time and for us to compete with the Medics and to offer our students the best services and facilities we can. We will re-open nominations in June with ICU elections for this and other positions."

2. Eric   
Mar 10 2006 01:01

ACC Chair should be a full time position. The position goes to more college and external meetings than any other CSC/FU chair. But people don't seem to like the idea of a sports sab, even if we secure funding ourselves!!!

Mar 10 2006 02:30

Fundamentally, the role of the CGCU President is that of representation, to college, to ICU and to the students. Representation is why CGCU, indeed ICU is here, Sports is not an immediate priority.

4. Dan L   
Mar 10 2006 08:17


You will find a member of staff is much more suited to the role of dealing with sports, than a sabb anyway. Sabbs are useful when concerned with dealing with education, welfare and policy issues (such as FU's etc..) Staff are better for dealing with day to day admin like who is playing what match where. There is no NEED for a Sports Sabb, and if there was then the ACC should pay for it, like Guilds payes towards its summer sabb.

5. Bob   
Mar 10 2006 09:12

Live! says But when you login to vote, it says there are no elections to vote in...

The election farce begins...

6. hack   
Mar 10 2006 09:27

Live! was indeed correct. However, Sid has emailed some people this morning to say that the open of elections is delayed due to technical problems.

7. Bob   
Mar 10 2006 09:33

Would have been nice for the returning officer to have informed the people voting....

I say move back to ballot boxes. The turnout in EE was far higher than with electronic voting.

8. Sid   
Mar 10 2006 09:50

Dear all,

voting is delayed due to setting up of the voting system. All candidates and executive have been informed and we are working to remedy the problem asap.

Mar 10 2006 19:53

Voting appears to be open...

10. Zaki   
Mar 11 2006 02:13

It seems that there is still a problem with the e-voting as I tried to vote unsuccessfuly now...

Also, 3rd year students should be allowed to vote for 4th year reps, not 3rd years as it seems to be the case with EE.

Mar 11 2006 17:00

also some of the candidates seem to have the wrong manifestos up... VP(A) candidate has the one of the Mech Soc vice chairs manifestos.

12. Eloise   
Mar 16 2006 11:40

If the role of CGCU President is fundamentally about representation then there is no need for it to be a Sabb position as representation is merely attending meetings and gaining the opinions of the students. (Time consuming but not excessively so). I think it the other activities, organising events, etc. are the reasons Jonathon has stepped down. As Dan said, these tasks could be given to a member of staff who would have the time to do them properly.

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