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CGCU Election Results 2006

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Mar 19 2006 12:15

With all results finally available, it's time for a (very) brief summary and analysis.

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Mar 20 2006 09:10

So which John James would that be doing RAG then?

(if it's "our" JJ, I bet it's so he can avoid pieing next year ;))

Mar 20 2006 09:20

It is John James of "?280 for RAG" fame. He can't avoid pieing, the hit squad do not exist and have no "leader".

3. JJ   
Mar 20 2006 11:51

I'm sorry, how is being part of the team going to stop me being pied?

It really worked this year...

Mar 20 2006 12:11

It's probably worse in a lot of ways - they know exactly where you are!

Mar 20 2006 18:10

If memory serves correctly, the RAG co-ordinator/VPA is almost garunteed to be got - Sarda last year, Taylor this year. So he's at least garunteed one shower during RAG week.

6. JJ   
Mar 21 2006 12:49

Bring it

Mar 21 2006 18:42

Bring what? A Magnum of Champagne, a copy of the Union's Constitution (as a giant sleeping aid)?

If however you mean "Bring it on", then that's just asking for more hit's, perhaps the 5 that are still owed.

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