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Da Vinci's Bar to be Non-smoking.

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Mar 23 2006 17:13

Live! sources reveal Union decision to ban smoking in Da Vinci's with a possible extension to the rest of the Union building to follow.

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Mar 23 2006 17:35

Yay! So I can stay out past 9am and still be able to breathe on my way home!

Mar 23 2006 17:35

(meaning 9pm, obviously)

3. Dan L   
Apr 05 2006 10:57

The council paper can now be found online

4. huh?!   
Apr 06 2006 21:24

Erm... a few questions on the paper:

How many students were interviewed?

How much has the take in the Union Bar gone up since last year and the no smoking ban? You say da Vinci's has gone up 20-22%, but if the union bar went up 50%, that statistic is useless.

How did you pick this "random" selection of students? Were they in the bar? Were they in the no-smoking section of the union? Were they regular users of the union at all?

5. Ant   
Apr 07 2006 00:56

"Were they regular users of the union at all?"

Thats not really the question you should be asking as its highly likely they are not if they see it as an off putting smokey atmosphere.

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also if the union bars take has gone up by 50% I'd blame that on the relatively huge price rise of Real Ale this year...

Apr 07 2006 10:07

I heard it was 100 random students, interviewed in the JCR, SAF and aroumd campus.

Apr 11 2006 12:17

if the union bar went up 50% and da vincis up 20-22%, then the statistic is not useless, as one might explain the rise in the union bar from smokers moving in from da vincis, so you would want to expect then a drop in da vincis to counter this change of purchasing.

but in fact its gone up to! so all is good :)

8. Dan L   
Apr 11 2006 18:07

Simon you are indeed correct. When looking at trends, everyone says "bar takings will drop if we implement a smoking ban in the bars". According to the figures from trading committee this is simply not true.

DV's figures show continued growth through both the previous terms.

The union bar, grew in the first term, but then the growth slowed (it was still up a large amount though).

I am no expert, but having had people talk to me about bringing the first paper to trading committee, I was told that people were starting to find the union bar too smokey, and so went to DV's instead.

9. tom t   
Apr 13 2006 15:10

the reason why the bar take has gone up is as follows.

1 Southside was closed. In spite of what some people have said, some custom has transferred to Union, prolly because the real ales aren't too bad.

2 Prices went up massively. This was to counter the effects of frittering away money a al Arif.

3 Anecdotally, I get the feeling that more people will come to the Union once it is no-smoking. I only go to the Holland Club on monday nites because it's a pound a pint. But it is intolerably smoky and even the Union Bar's better than that.

if there were some more drinks promo's that didn't only occur on lager and when the rugger players are there, they might even get some more customers!!

and I should know. I've sat on trading much longer than Dave Parry's given up smoking!

Apr 24 2006 09:42

No smoking yey! :) All the better for health, clothes and hair.

11. PC   
Apr 24 2006 18:51

I'm from Scotland where a smoking ban has recently come into operation. I was there during the Easter break and I can tell you how nice it is to go out and not have your eyes water from smoke, and to not stink afterwards. Why are England last with everything?

On the other hand, the smell of people becomes much more apparent...

Apr 28 2006 18:05

If it's not banned now, it'll be illegal by next summer anyway. Get over it.

Apr 28 2006 18:38

For once I agree with Mustafa, its coming anyway, students appear to support it so just get on with it. If takings do drop its going to be painful for the union, might as well get used to it now.

Apr 28 2006 18:59

Yeh - but we all know the union wants to profit from its students for as long as possible, whilst ignoring their health.

And of course don't forget ~ 10% of people smoke, and feel it is their "right" to smoke at the nicest bar in the union....

15. Bored   
Apr 28 2006 20:13

Yup, but 90% of people don't and probably don't want to die of passive smoking and we live in a democracy.

May 01 2006 15:40


England is not plural....

Why IS England last with everything

Why are THE ENGLISH last with everything

If you want to malign my Country and you can't do it with style and aplomb, at least do it with correct grammar!

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