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Imperial getting greener

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Apr 12 2006 13:04

Following on from Green week last term, the college appears to be run by green people

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May 11 2006 23:51

How Imperial can claim any 'green'credibility here in Wye is beyond us locals - planning to build on several hundred acres of agricultural greenfield land in an AONB near Ashford (where plenty of land is available - but not owned by Imperial) - is creating a real stink down here. They claim to need ?300-400M as part of their ?1billion 'Vision for Wye'. Well - let them try harder to find it elsewhere as the whole point of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty is exactly what it says on the tin - not a resource to turn into cash at the whim of a new landowner.

As has been remarked hereabouts 'It is not in the national interest to destroy our national heritage'(and we are the parish that recycles a higher percantage of disposables than any other in the country!!)

2. KD   
Jun 22 2006 08:21

Imperial is part of the establishmnet...

...using public money for the benefit of the clique of scientific/technocratic elite...

don't expect anything more......



they don't research into low cost solutionss ...

...their prestige and bloated egos won't allow them too...

i won't be surprised if they put forward a solution to depopulate Wye.. they will have an expensive vaccine for the population vermin of wye , and get government to pay for it.

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