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Mech Eng and Aero to Merge?

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May 05 2006 16:25

Live! has learnt that a merger of the Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics departments is being considered.

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May 09 2006 18:06

If Engineering is just maths why doesn't the scientist come and sit some engineering exams and see how they do?

May 09 2006 22:17

How absurd. While scientists can just about cope in reality with their departments dissapearing. Why should engineers have to also suffer the embarissment of taking a distinct degree and appearing not to have sufficient interst to form a whole deparment for that degree. In addition I note very few similarities between Aero students and Mech Eng students.

Mr Engineer - try doing science exams! You'll probably find the reverse of what you are insinuating is also true.

3. Jon   
May 09 2006 23:24

Mechonautics, you're joking surely!

Sounds suspiciously like Meccano

May 10 2006 10:04

"in life sciences this was achieved through abolishing them altogether"

...and replacing them with TWICE as many 'divisions' - and that was after removing 1 1/2 departments' activity and half the courses.

May 10 2006 10:15

What did the life sciences restructuring actually achieve in the end?

May 10 2006 10:56

according to my housemate, millions of forms to fill out about x y and z. I expect it's keeping someone busy in the blue cube

May 10 2006 14:30

Hardly think the Fire engine is a "fine" piece of machinary - it belongs to the RCS..

Engineers prefer Bo'.

May 10 2006 14:43

If someone wants to send the editors a photo of Bo' with Concorde I'm sure they'll change it for you.

May 11 2006 12:07

i have it on good authority the merger is 'go'.

10. Nick S   
May 12 2006 14:54

Departments moan that they don't physically have enough time in 4 years to teach people enough to compete with American institutes etc. How are common first years or mergers going to help this at all, in fact they will make it worse - all to have a faculty system more like Oxbridge

May 14 2006 21:58

Having spent a long time in both EE and DoC, I think they would make excellent candidates for a merger. What would we call it? How about the ISE department?

May 14 2006 22:41

I think the cultural differences between the departments would make that difficult.

Besides, both departments are making money, unlike some others...

May 18 2006 00:36

Yes, and rebuild the original C+G building. Perhaps this merger should focus the two departments on engineering a time-travel machine to send back people to save this lovely building:

Apr 14 2008 16:51

"[Engineering] is all just maths now anyway". Not quite. For example, an 'applied' maths student studying say, eigenvectors, might focus on the efficient solution of the eigenvector problem, whereas the aeronautics eigenvector student might focus on the real-world validity of the solution. Both are mathematical topics yes, but the maths brain is visualising abstract vectors in generalised space, whereas the aero brain is visualising real-world modes of vibration. Superficially the same, but actually very different.

16. vijay   
May 15 2008 11:53

whats the feature of mech engg

Oct 06 2008 19:40

you're the best keep it up and be sending us more information on it.

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