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Internship Centre Visit Thorpe Park

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May 15 2006 11:55

Not wanting to be seen as pansies, the Internship Centre paid a visit to see how Thorpe Park's new ride, Stealth, works ... and to have a ride too!

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Jul 22 2008 10:23

hi my name is zoe!

i go to thorpe park every weekend and can i shout out to my thorpe park worker friends Darren, Claire,Nathan,Ricky and james for all the hard work they have done with the park and stealth

thankyou again!

Jul 22 2008 11:43

Has there been a sudden outbreak of stupidity on Live!...

Aug 05 2008 17:21

I think thorpe park today 5/8/08 was a disgrace. travelled a long way just to be charged 33 pounds to find half the rides were not operating properly. when i tried to ask what was going on i was spoken to rudly and in a sarcastic way. Not just that the food was not up to scatch especily in Bugar king. we could have been told at the gate that the rides where limited and a lot of then were closed. i could of found somthing else to do and would of come back another day. I would love to hear from any one else who has been treated the same so we can join togetther and take this matter futher

Aug 05 2008 19:21

1) It's Burger King

2) This is not a place for discussion about Thorpe Park

3) Your ability to communicate/use the Internet effectively leaves a lot to be desired

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