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Four Candidates for CGCU President

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May 16 2006 14:05

Elections for CGCU president will be a four horse race.

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May 16 2006 19:46

Do we really want a fresher as CGCU pres? It's a tough job and I don't think freshers, no matter how keen they are, have the necessary contacts after only one year.

May 16 2006 21:41

I'd say that unless any fresher candidate is exceptionally talented then it would be a disaster. The job is tough, to do it well requires more than one years union experience.

May 16 2006 21:45

A radical idea...

How about we let students decide by voting for who THEY want.

May 17 2006 00:17

I belive that hustings are actually on the 17th March and not the 16th as in the article.

5. Ron   
May 17 2006 03:38

I beleive that hustings are on the 17th of May and not 17th of March. I reckon the exam fever is gripping us all!

May 17 2006 07:49

Yes, 17th May is correct....

May 18 2006 09:28

In reply to Democrat: Don't suppose you're a fresher candidate, are you? ;)

May 18 2006 09:46

Democrat: students still get to decide by voting for who THEY want. Or do you consider free discussion on candidates to be against democratic principles?

I'm not going to comment on hustings here as I'm the author of the article. If you'd like a free discussion on the performance of all the candidates, I'm easily contactable.

Think before you vote, talk to people who were at hustings so you have an informed opinion.

9. simon   
May 18 2006 10:54

Acutally ICU Constitution demands that "Members must think before voting" :)

May 18 2006 10:59

Does it specify what you are required to think about before voting? Or could you just think about the weather!?

11. simon   
May 18 2006 12:02

I think you can think about anything ;-)

May 18 2006 13:17

Actually it's only at General Meetings and Council where the 'thinking' rule applies ( the last point. So for the anencephalic amongst us - carry on voting!

May 18 2006 17:27

I don't remember Faizan B. being at the hustings.

May 18 2006 17:50

Faizan B was not at the hustings.

Neither were the candidates for RAG chair or CAG chair. Danny McGuinness for Council Chair was not at hustings but had his manifesto read out.

15. anon   
May 19 2006 02:55

There's dedication for you! Nice to know that the candidates are committed(!)

May 19 2006 09:03

I was unable to attend due to exam committments, as I explained to the returning officer at the candidates meeting last week. Whilst candidates just not showing up through laziness is unacceptable and should be reported, I do think that you should make an effort to contact the candidates in question to see if they have a valid reason for not being there before you start spouting off on college news forums. One email is all it would have taken.

May 19 2006 09:16

Calm down RAG candidate!

Tip one from a former holder of the job you're standing for is to not take any notice of criticism on Live!

Tip two is sort out the tankards, the RAG one needs replacing after it got lost a few years ago, ICU President Collins will help you and provide you with backdated names.

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