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The Ball is Rolling

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May 14 2001 14:46

Ticket sales for the Imperial College Summer Ball get underway

1. paul   
May 15 2001 13:53

Dunno if you've got your tickets yet, but apparently they're going fast - anyone from the Summer Ball like to comment?

May 15 2001 23:27

The summer ball commitee is delighted to confirm that ticket sales are indeed going rather well to say the least! Due to the limited number of dining tickets left, we advise any large groups wanting to book a table to do so as soon as possible.

Booking forms can be downloaded from the website

May 17 2001 17:35

Idris, really you could have at least used a pseudonym! Still, not going badly- even saw the Bag Lady buying a ticket...

May 17 2001 17:55

Bag Lady? Am I missing something?

May 18 2001 16:46

Well, lets just say she might not be...

May 20 2001 19:53

I believe that the Bag lady was the first person to buy a ticket to the Easter Carnival...

And John what was your last comment about? Were you doped up when you wrote it? (being a doped up socialist seems to be traditional for a Felix Editor).

May 20 2001 20:56

Who on earth is this "bag lady"? And why is she referred to by such a ridculous name?

8. Id   
May 20 2001 21:48

Ah well, John - pseudonyms just aren't my thing I'm afraid: never been attracted to the deception thing: I guess I'm just not cut out for journalism.

May 20 2001 22:32

The Bag Lady happens to be a woman (middle aged) who walks around ICU and the rest of College trying to pull desperate male students, like Simon Torn, who could tell you more about her.

I understand that the Hockey club have a rule that anyone doing anything stupid in a match has to pull the Bag Lady that evening. She's actually become a bit of an Imperial tradition.

I am surprised that you haven't heard of her, she has been mentioned in Felix, and questions were raised about her at the ICU hustings.

10. The Id   
May 21 2001 03:11

Yes I find Mr Arif's ignorance on the subject of the Bag Lady most perplexing... could he be trying to cover something up? She almost bought a ticket last year - she spoke to me when I was putting posters up and I told her all about the thing before I realised who I was addressing. I don't remember actually seeing her there, though... hmmm... whose table to put her on; that is the question!

May 21 2001 04:18

Preferable to being a dopey NATIONAL socialist, is it Jason?

May 21 2001 12:29

I'm not covering anything up. I just don't hang around the Union very often so never understood any of the mentions in Felix. I didn't bother going to ICU hustings either.

May 21 2001 14:12

Uhmm, John. I am not a national socialist ( I didn't know there was such a party at the moment). I am a liberal conservative, and a member of the Conservative Party (as the party that comes closest to my views on the vast majority of issues).

Nor did I mean the fact that you are a doped up socialist as an insult, there's nothing wrong in being socialist, nor is there really anything wrong with spending your life doped up - if that's what you want to do. You still didn't answer my question though; was your comment on the Bag Lady not missing something a random dope inspired comment or was there any point to it?

May 21 2001 18:40

Is a liberal conservative the same as a conservative liberal? Or New labour perhaps... I wander.....

May 22 2001 13:21

I can't make head or tails of that last comment... Another doped up comment from Mr. Clifford perhaps?

16. Suzy   
May 22 2001 21:39

About as doped up as your comment at tonight's UFC that "Labour might not win the election".

May 23 2001 12:40

Actually my comment was "They [New Labour] won't win anyway". OK it might be stretching reality a bit, and it was slightly in jest, but in my opinion there is a very good chance of the Conservatives at the very least getting more seats than New Labour, if not an actual majority.

If you choose to listen to the media and their opinion polls, then at least listen properly. The media is still saying there is all to play for.

On the other hand why not listen to someone who has spent many hours canvassing for the Conservatives? An election victory is never certain, but from my experiences, I have a very good feeling about this one.

I don't think anyon is arrogant and naive enough to presume that the result of any Election is automatic.

May 23 2001 16:08

Shit! I'm getting drawn into a debate on the Guilds website, kill me now...

Anyway, just a joke touchy-man. Although for every line I write, you end up writing three. Fancy coming to work on Felix? :-)

Tories can win... amd Andy Heeps can get a degree

May 23 2001 16:18

Oh s**t I must be absolutely awful - I've just been invited to write fo Felix!! Aargh! :-)

20. the Id   
May 23 2001 17:23

It's funny how different people's perspectives ae, isn't it? I'm sure there is a small clique around Hague who actually think they can win. Without giving a toss what the media say (they are just another clique and rather a small one at that) it seems to me deeply unlikely that Hague will end with a majority - he could have "won" the last 4 years' arguments comprehensively in the media and "in people's hearts" and still lose the electionbecause Labour is starting from such a high-point, if you see what I mean.

I've heard some quite decent people write for felix (not to mention the guilds website) these days...

May 23 2001 21:26

"A week is forever in politics", and the General Election is over 2 weeks away. Are you really so certain Blair will win?

In that case what are you basing it on? If you're not basing your conclusions on media reports, nor on the "clique" in the political parties what are you basing it on? The Tooth Fairy?? Labour have said the Tories can win. The Tories have said it. The media have said it, hell even history says it, but apparently they are all self deluded. Either you are trying to wind me up, or you really have no idea.

As for Felix, I apologise for any unintentioned insult to the writers, I am sure the stuff going in is of high quality, unfortunately after being processed by Mr. Clifford it seems to deteriorate rather considerably :-)

22. rak   
May 24 2001 10:42

The Banana Liberation Front will win. Muhaahahahahaha.

May 24 2001 11:56

Tories can win, Mr Clifford - and I have an honours degree (a Bachelor of Science in Pathology to be precise) - and I'm going to get two more (a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery). You however have the honour of going down in history as the worst editor of Felix since Rebecca Lane - no mean feat, believe you me. Oh, and one point of correction on your measly "meet the Rector" article - Council did indeed vote never to listen to me again - but I moved the motion. Free of charge. You however move approx 32 pages of motion (bowel motion) every week for the princely sum of ?20,000. Good effort.

May 24 2001 12:37

Rebecca Lane??? Who/when was she and what did she do?

May 24 2001 13:49

Becky Lant (sorry, typo earlier) was Felix editor 1994-95, I think. And basically. her Felix was pants, never got out on time, never asked the Union or the College to answer the pressing issues of the day - never took the hacks to task (Clifford, if you hate the hacks so much, why not tear them apart with hard-hitting exposes?), never took the sabbs to task, in short - turned out a weekly self-indulgent pile of poo.

Spot the difference?

May 25 2001 03:15

Seems Jason's not the only touchy one... Concerned about exams are we, Heepsie?

May 25 2001 08:23

I'm obviously more concerned about exams than you are about the quality of your publication.

May 25 2001 15:21

Sorry Andy, I hadn't realised I'd touched on a raw nerve there. Promise not to mention your exams again if you're so worried. :-)

May 25 2001 19:24

John, dismissing the extremely serious and accurate complaints of virtually everyone with any involvement in the Union about Felix, with ridiculous comments about people being touchy and under exam pressure, or whatever other stupidities you think up really is a reflection of the reason why Felix has been so abysmally and appallingly awful this year.

May 25 2001 23:11

Exams over - and Felix still pants.

Although this week's editorial was very interesting JC - science journalism, eh? I look forward to seeing "Nature" under your stewardship in the not too distant future...

31. anon   
May 27 2001 18:32

If the tories are to win the general election then they need to stop going on about Europe. The longer we sit on the fence the less influence we will have in Europe and as Europe is here to stay it would not be in our best intrests to keep out of the single currency.

Most people recognise this fact and with opinion polls suggesting this issue as way down the list of voters priorities, it is suicidal for the tories to keep pressing with this issue.

I think that people appreciate low interest rates and a stable economy more than Hagues ramblings on half baked ideas that have not been thought through properly.

I know it is arrogant and naive to assume a guaranteed labour victory but mention 15% to most people and labour have secured a lot of votes.

I also think Blair needs much longer than 5 years for his policies to come into their own and shouldn't we at least give him a chance to prove his rhetoric/spin. The tories had their chance and failed on most issues

over the past two decades.

May 27 2001 19:41

It is perhaps unsurprising, that the last poster, being apparently pro-EU, has a tendency to ignore the facts:

He says that the opinion polls suggest Europe is way down on the issues that affect how people vote. On the contrary, Europe is actually TOP of the list of issues that will affect how people vote :

(check out this BBC news article if you don't believe me.)

I agree that people appreciate low interest rates and a stable economy, and given the infamous instability of the Euro in recent times, the choice seems obvious to me. As for interest rates, I can't find the data at the moment (being busy with revision :-)), but I do know that the British and EU economic cycles are out of sync (which is why we crashed out of the ERM). Hence we would have, under the euro, low interest rates - but when OUR economy needs high ones. Similarly, we would have high interest rates when we need low ones.

(That last bit on interest rates isn't the full story, but I would be happy to email a more detailed explanation to anyone who wants it when I finish my exams...)

As for the opinion polls, I more or less agree with what Anon said, but remember the last UK-wide elections (for the Euroland Parliament), the opinion polls were giving New Labour a lead, yet the Tories won. Again I can't remember the figures, and don't have time to look them up, so I am not sure how high the lead was (the elections were in June 1999 if anyone else wants to look them up)

The Tories failed on most issues? Go take a look at france with its monthly strikes. Think how good the economy is now - and then remember that changes take 5/6 years to take full effect.

Remember the Tory sleaze - wasn't it awful? Didn't New Labour bang on about it endlessly? Amazing then that New Labour has managed to be more sleazy in 4 years than the Tories were in 18.

I don't deny that the last Tory governments were far from perfect, but New Labour is even further, and if they win again, you can kiss goodbye to this country and say hello to something very scary.

May 27 2001 19:50

Actually, I apologise to the last poster, it wasn't his fault, most of what he said was simply repeating what the Labour/LibDem alliance spin so well. If the Tories have one major fault, its being too honest for a political party. Although it is a shame that in this day and age a political party does less well because its opponents are so good at lying.

34. Naomi   
May 27 2001 22:33

Anon do you have any of your own opinions or like Blair do you rely on other people to provide you with them.

I found this site because I was bored and had nothing better to do and it seams to me that the only person with any sort of opinion not influenced by labour spin is Jason.

Hagues policies are mainstream. He wants to be hard on crime. He doesn't want to abolish the pound, there should be discipline in schools and most people agree with these opinions.

Labour has broken its key promises on all of the above issues.

Hague unlike Blair doesn't need an "aide" to tell him what he ought to think, say and do.

Where Hague is going wrong is not his stance on Europe, it is the fact that so far his campaign trail has consisted of staged walks round picturesque villages when he should also be in the big cities confronting people at unstaged events.

If Labour win on the 7th then there will be far reaching consequencies for Britain.

I believe that if Labour win then we will go into the single currency through a rigged referendum.

And to Anon, i agree that people do appreciate low rates and a stable economy but they also want to preserve the democratic institution we have, they don't want to be ruled by a single government in Europe which doesn't act on behalf of the people it is meant to serve.

Even if you don't believe the tories are capable of forming a government at least we have seen that Hague is getting Blair scared (why else would he buckle under pressure to discuss the Euro when he was adamant he wouldn't) and that initself suggests that he is a good leader.

I only hope for the sake of this country that Hague can up his campaign, stop smiling and take labour to task. If labour win there will be no turning back, you can say goodbye to democracy as you know it.

I have a fealing though that Hagues stances on the issues that preserve our national identity will win the day, but I am not stupid enough to bank on it 'cos how do we know that this election won't be rigged?

Oh and by the way I like felix (on the count that it is much more interesting than physics) but then I am a first year who has nothing to compare it with so I will reserve judgment for the time being

May 28 2001 13:39

Just a point, I agree with most of what Naomi said, but I don't think this election would be rigged, at least not in the normal sense of the word. This is because, basically rigging this election would involve rigging the 200 odd elections in the marginal seats that actually count.

What the Labour/Lib Dem alliance is doing however, is concentrating on attacking the Tories, from both sides, presenting a 2 against 1 argument on a wide range of issues, so convincly that many voters begin to think that the Tories must be wrong. For the sake of this country I hope to God that the electorate is intelligent enough to see through the tissue of lies presented by the Labour/Libdem alliance.

May 28 2001 15:06

Let's just pray they don't bring Margaret Thatcher out again...

May 28 2001 17:13

I imagine that last comment was just to get a reaction out of me, so here's a simple reply - Why?

May 29 2001 00:56

Muppets, yet more muppets... I've been "cruising" the discussion pages being an asshole (Yes I've said it, so hence I am absolved of all responsibility for my words, isn't anonymity great?)

Oh yeah, and the muppet that was about to insult me for not using my real name: have u ever participated in a secret ballot? Muppet..

Anyways, u armchair politicians sound like u've been hobnobbing with the key actors..... Have u? Curious as to where u get ur opinions, cos make no mistake, most opinions are not new. U're just repeating (and if we're lucky) qualifying something someone else told u.

But the amusing thing is all these prophecies of doom (end of democracy, etc) U guys don't have a clue sometimes. Going on bout labour/tory sleaze... Actually, I can't be assed to continue. To be honest, at heart I am a tory, for the simple reason that I resent anyone taking up to (more than?) half my wages and spending it generally without my permission. I would prefer to give it away myself (and pigs might fly...) That's really how I came to my choice of political party. The funny thing is I'm not sure the lines are so clear cut anymore. Look at the states.. U know what they say, u become what u hate

I'm rambling. Forgive me I am high and it is quite late, I just decided to post cos it was funny how the topic was bout the Summer Ball (will there be loads of fit birds their? I'm a horny sensitive IC guy; Quite fit actually, expert on the kama sutra he he :-) and then it became politics (via everyone taking a pot at John Clifford... Tut tut tut... I read Felix every week and I must say its def better than last year, when will people learn that "ye should first seek to point out the good things b4 criticising.." Muppets, so many of them)

So then, my view on politics (Yes I know u r going to post some smart answer and try and make me look like a dickhead, but I think by now u should have guessed that I won't ever read it, I'll be too busy giving my girlfriend multiple orgasms he he :-)

  • Labour will win the elections (sorry Jason he he:-)
  • Hague is a wonderful public speaker. He can eat Tony for breakfast. But he's still a muppet tho
  • Portillo is just a muppet, Gordon Brown will continue to humiliate him
  • Hague + Portillo have nothings solid to offer... Familiar with the saying "Better the devil u know...."

I could go on. But I can't be bothered, my girlfriend isn't getting irritated with me, wants me back in bed he he!

later people, and doubtless u r already thinking about how u will slag me off (oooh, so scared he he) but why don't u just listen to me? I think IC people don't realise they don't ALWAYS HAVE TO HAVE AN OPINION!!!!

Muhahahahahahaha he he


May 29 2001 13:51

Sorry couldn't resist... I suspect "Bloody Hell" will read this whatever he says. Basically you're saying if I write something that disagrees with what you said, then I am a smartass trying to make you look like a d******d . So you want me to listen to your arguments, but no-one else is allowed an opinion. Basically only your point of view counts for anything. Well fine, I won't argue with you anymore, people can draw their own conclusions.

To those of you thinking "That is smartass reply trying to make "Bloody Hell" look like a d******d, I don't really care, I'll put forward my opinions, whatever people think, because they are what I believe.

40. naomi   
May 30 2001 13:24

I think it is pretty obvious to anyone with even a tiny bit of intelligence who the muppet is in here!!

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