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DPGS Suggests September Start for Sabbs

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May 23 2006 19:42

In a report many months in the making, DPGS Luis Hui has recommended that sabbatical positions change over in September.

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May 24 2006 01:32

what a waste of space, the paper is poorly written, with no research or references...I wonder what he has really been up to all this time.

May 25 2006 13:17

Here's a blindingly obvious suggestion - why not have the DPGS handover in September, and the other DPs handover remain as normal?

3. Chris   
May 25 2006 17:36

So there you go, why do you think he suggested it?

May 25 2006 19:17

Er, he suggested that *all* sabbs start later, not just the DPGS.

Changing handover dates at all are a daft idea if you ask me. Previous sabbs that were masters students managed to take an interruption of studies during their masters in order to start their sabb post. Why should planning for the new academic year go out of the window because a small number of sabbs lack the wherewithal to get off their bums and sort such an arrangement out for themselves?

Plus such an arrangement could have a severe impact on non-masters sabb officers (I'm thinking in particular of the medics sabb here, with their weird term dates, academic years starting at the start of July etc etc).

May 25 2006 19:21

Hmm, the reply counter appears to be incorrect at the moment.

Doesn't take a genius to figure out that someone's been posting derogatory posts about Hui again which have since been removed.

May 25 2006 19:31

But you'd be wrong...

I broke the discussion system a bit which meant it updated the count but didn't add the post.

May 25 2006 20:14

Fair enough. I take the relevant cynical comment back ;-)

8. MSc   
May 26 2006 12:19

It's not just a question of 'wherewithall'. It's a lot easier to defer a desk-based project in college, than a lab-based one with an external research team, or a field-based one that would be invalidated if half the results were from a different season, so there's a big difference in what you would be asking for students in different subject areas. Make deferring compulsory for the post, and you'll end up with a "DP Tanaka".

Changing all handover dates does seem like a sledgehammer to crack a nut, but with the DPGS post SPECIFICALLY for postgrads, that at least should be accessible to a good cross-section of them.

May 26 2006 12:20

When was the last time a Masters student deferred their project for a year to be a sabb?

May 26 2006 13:07

In reply to point of information, I don't know when the last time a Masters student deferred their project for a year to be a sabb was, but hasn't a PhD student just deferred his project for a year to be a Sabb?

11. Jimbob   
May 26 2006 14:08

Point of Information: I believe the last time an MSc was deferred it was done was by Sen Ganesh.

12. Jimbob   
May 26 2006 14:08

PS Ganesh wasn't based in Tanaka.

13. Sam   
May 28 2006 01:17

PPS. Because the "Tanaka" Business School didn't exist then, we just called it the "Business School"

14. Jimbob   
May 28 2006 02:19

True, true Sam. Let me correct myself: Ganesh wasn't in the Business School.

15. Sam   
May 28 2006 02:20

I believe that MSc is still "deferred"

16. Nobody   
May 28 2006 02:24

I don't believe there will be a problem with the DPGS handover this year.

Day 1 - 9.00am: Hand over list of meetings that the DPGS has to attend and discuss.

Day 1 - 9.15am: Extensively review the work the DPGS has done this year.

Day 1 - 9.16am: Handover Complete!

17. Bob   
May 28 2006 09:44


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