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Imperial to Reimburse Visa Fees

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Jun 01 2006 13:58

College has announced a refund scheme for international students, where they will repay the ?85 fee for the visa required to study in the UK.

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Jun 07 2006 07:24

Do you reckon they'll reimburse home students who go on exchange from Imperial and are charged £700 for a visa and the associated medical examinations required to be able to obtain that visa???

Jun 07 2006 08:27

If they were charging you £17,500 a year, perhaps they would.

3. Cynic   
Jun 07 2006 10:35

If I were an overseas student I would check my fees for next year havn't gone up by £85 to pay for it.

Jun 07 2006 10:54

"Undergraduate tuition fees for international students have risen from around £16,500 to £17,500 this year, a rise of about 6%. Inflation is in the region of 2.4%, leading to an impression of College giving with one hand and taking away with the other."

5. Cynic   
Jun 07 2006 13:05

So far from giving £85 to students they are in effect taking £915 extra, doesn't sound great to me.

6. simon   
Jun 07 2006 14:52

who can say "gimmick" fast enough ? :P

7. whoah   
Jun 07 2006 15:49

£17,500!!! no wonder they never leave the library.

Jun 08 2006 03:28


9. Anon   
Jun 08 2006 09:06

How on earth was that comment racist?

Jan 15 2007 11:33


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